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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What's Spinning: End Aug Edition Pt 2

London Bridge
Finally getting her own solo album, the first single from Dutchess is already creating hype over Billboard, making it to the Hot 10o poll position for the third consecutive weeks.
Definitely getting lots of airwave attention.
Personally, not much of a fan of this track. Perhaps a few more listen plus the video, I might eventually like it.
For's just a bubbling track for me.

Deja Vu feat Jay-Z
First single taken off from her latest album B'Day. The video already causing much controversial amongst her fans, stating her improper dance move with Jay-Z. Personally, not a bad single for miss Beyonce. With the bad vibe she's currently having, don't really see how far her album would go... fans are already disagree with her current sense of fashion. Song wise, it's still a good club track, making to the pole position in Billboard Club Play chart.

Morris Brown
It is always great to hear something from the intelligent Outkast. Love them ever since their Miss Jackson track.
Hey Ya was catchy and good that it became very annoying while I Like The Way You Move should have been given a higher profile since it is such an excellent track.

Taken from their latest album Idlewind, this track is very unique and special, with heavy layer instruments from the marching band, this is definitely something fresh to hear. watch the video. Quite fun too.

What's Spinning: End Aug Edition Pt 1

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
Not a true fan of Scissor Sisters but did enjoy a few of their hits like Comfortably Numb, Laura and their take on Ferdinand's Take Me Out. This si their latest single, which is very retro and disco feel (think Bee Gees). Excellent track. Unfortunately, I only have a vox mix of it, which totally eliminate the retro feel, giving it a futuristing beat..which is not bad.
hmmm..reminds me to search for their Remixed EP.

You Give Me Something
The debut single from singer-songwriter James Morrison. He looks like a mix of James Blunt and Cold Play. It was the chorus that got me hooked up to this track. If it gets play enough in those teens movie (i.e OC, OTH, Laguna Beach) or in the coming American Idol, this should be another Daniel Powter's Bad Day in the making.


It was said to be Robbie Williams best effort to date. Well, it's definitely a much better track compared to his last two albums but I still prefer the earlier Robbie (light rock & pop). This is Robbie's take on a electro-funk-pop sound...which actualy sounds like Justin's SexyBack minus the rap element. A bit hip-hop-ish. Not a bad video. While getting the single would be tough here in Bangkok, i'm just have to rely on my sources for the mixes.
By the way, if you haven't heard, the hype track She's Madonna is getting into trouble...hopefully it will still be available in the album.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

And it duk duk duk duk!

While trying my very best to produce some articles over a windy Saturday afternoon, I find myself getting some mental block, most likely due to those duk duk duk duk noise coming outside of my apartment. Of course, I could close my window and door to lower down those noises but that would mean I have to switch on my AC, which could be quite costly, no?

Neways, I have a look outside and actually realized that I'm actually surrounded by constructions. To my left, there's 3 constructions (those flat grounds) which made the most noise while to my right is the half completed condo/apartment. Why did i choose this place then? Well, it's near my office and it is actually a very good location (except in the night when one is hungry). furthermore, these noises had actually become my alarm clock to wake up early every day. Without these noises, it could be quite
disastrous for me though.

So the next time I'm having a mental block, just remember that I'm surrounded by these duk duk duk duk noise.

And Jamie Came!

Days ago, I posted an article titled "Can Someone Get Me a Jamie Oliver?" . Well, someone did get one for me. A friend of mine in London, should be moving to Leeds less than 2 weeks from now, did. Thanks dear! Will try to see which is simple and easy to work on when I have the time since some are not really easy to obtain in South East Asia and some I totally would not purposely go out and get it (eg. Sherry, double cream, this and that!). Well, here is my own recipe for a Chicken & Egg sandwich for you to enjoy. For serving of 1 person, you will need:

2 pieces of chicken fillet (make sure there's no fat, and skinned) cut into chunk/bite sizes (you would want to chew the meat, don't you!)
2-3 butter croissant (Alt: whole wheat croissant)
lettuce 3-4 leaves
half a bowl of frozen mixed vege. (why in the world would you not have it in your freezer. Go out and get a pack)
1 big tomato or 2-3 cherry tomatoes, cut into slices
1 boiled egg, chopped.
salt & pepper to taste (Alt: oregamo herbs)
2 tablespoon of thousand island sauce (put the mayoneise back in the fridge please, it's overused!)
2 teaspoon BBQ sauce (Alt: Mustard)
Basically, boiled the chicken and frozen vegetables over low heat. Make sure you don't overboiled your chicken.
Put the chicken, mixed vegetables and tomatoes into a bowl. Add a little bit of salt and fresh grounded pepper for taste. Drained out any water before adding in the sauces. Lastly add in the egg and mixed well. The egg should make your meat paste dryer. If need be, squeeze a slice of lime juice to create the tangy feel. Alternatively, cut a slice of cheese into tiny pieces and add into the mix ( I wanted to but realise the last slice of cheese was actually expired)
Cut your croissant into half and heat it for about 20-30 seconds in the microwave. Put a leaf of lettuce, add the meat paste, cover with the other half of the croissant, and voila, you had a tasty sandwich.
Additional alternative: a table spoon of rum could provide a unique aroma to it.
[The writer is not responsible for any bad experience you had for trying out this recipe]


Another week had passed and we are much closer to the end of August and my sixth month here in Grungtheph (aka Bangkok). Time really flies. The week actually went almost unnoticed except a few glitches here and there. One of them actually shove to me right in the beginning of Monday when I learnt that my exec was VERY dissapointed (in ME!) and was very down. The little bird turns out to be my super-manager. And it is clearly a non-communication (not really a miscomm.) that created such a hoo-hah for my young exec. It has been a tough and busy week as we were gearing up for the final touches for the Friday presentation and I somehow told my super-manager to present a segment which my exec was planning to present (since she did that segment). And there are still so many final touches and additional data to be added into the report that I really do not have any time to tell my exec the reason for leaving her out of the presentation. And there she became so creative and imaginative that she wanted to resign. Honestly...W.A.L.O.C! And Monday itself I had to do a very quick healing approach. I mean, when I was just an exec, I would rather happy to have my boss present the stuff to the MD though I'm the one who did the chart. At the same time, I'm also very happy that my exec had such plan to present. Hmm...people from Venus could really be quite difficult to dissect sometimes. Well...this reminds us again that communication is very important and very critical. A simple miscommunication can really create a whole load of tsunami. And the next WALOC came when I was given a task to handle a comprehensive proposal. From the brief, it seems this client of mine would like to reach the sky with some magic beanstalk. The problem is that they only have normal bean stalk (not the one Jack bought from the trader). It's clearly a need for both qualitative and quantitative approaches. However, my beloved half client (since I share this client with another team) had a LOC with our Qualitative team recently and both had put up a 'Crime Scene: No Crossing ' tape on each other. The quali team even refuse to do a background only role (which is really a whole LOC from a business point of view). The whole week I have to think of a way to communicate a non-quali quali approach in the proposal. Proposal had been sent. Approach not properly communicated. Will let my boss deal with it if commissioned, which I doubt if competitors are proposing both approaches. The only thing I could say to my boss or even MD is that I'm not to be responsible since we have this WALOC situation.

Friday, August 25, 2006

They are still Lost

I could not believed it's Season Three already. From a simple plane crashed on an unknown island evolved to the mystery numbers and those chambers and of course, the Others.

can't wait to see what direction the third season will go. In the meanwhile, do enjoy the teaser poster here.


A phone call i received today
A number i almost forgot

Yet the voice i could not

Awkward I felt
For I should be angry yet I am not
Emotion-less I felt
Short answers I gave

I hope he got the message I sent
For how dare he call
Lies after lies he told
Most to the ones who cares
Hurt we felt
Hurt he caused

burn in hell I wish him not
for I can't and no right I had
but suffer I did pray
the bleek future he left us
the responsibility he shoved
and the burden now I carried
no regret I had
only awkward I felt

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Movies to watch out for

The Host, is the latest hot movie coming from Korea. It was being featured in the recently Cannes Festival. And both the teaser and the trailer are on Thailand cinemas. The first poster (left), is the one of the three original teaser poster in Korea. The middle poster is the main International poster (which doesn't tell much though it's a main poster) while the third (right) is the poster used in Thailand cinema, which at least say somehting about the movie. From the trailer, all we knew is that it's a monster movie, something like a Gozzila, but smaller version. The small girl definitely had something to do with the moster but was not reveal in it. Do enjoy the trailer in the official site.

These series of teasers should be available in our cinema soon. Unfortunately, the movie will only be release next year. April 07. It's still in production and the latest info from MTV told of the major characters will be included in the movie, including the annoying Starscream. Sadly, Shockwave isn't. The current teaser trailer did not show anything at all except and perhaps the shadow of Megatron. I'd advise to wait for the next teaser instead.

Well, that's it for this week...Phew!

Snakes on Crack

When the title of this movie was released over the internet, it automatically became a cult...and whenever there's a movie that became a cult hit over the net before it was even released, that means it's a must watch no matter how bad it is.

In fact SoaP was so bad that it is actually so good. Since the main attraction was those horrendous snakes, the focus on casting better actors/actresses was less prioritised, i guess coz some of the actings were actually really bad. But then again, it was so bad that it makes the whole movie such an enjoyable movie.

There are few gorry scenes that people just couldn't stop laughing. Trust's really funny to see the snakes biting tits and penis. You just had to laugh. The poisonous snakes were really scary and horny (watch it to believe it!) Having the anaconda in the plane was totally outrageous.

However, it did give me some creepy feeling the next time I board a flight. What happen if terrorrist did use this method? It's worse than having a bomb in the plane. The best line of the movie definitely have to come from Mr. Samuel Jackson, himself...and it's really funny..."I've had it with these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane!"

This is definitely a must see movie, just for pure fun and entertainment. Here are some clips from the movie.

What a Sunday!

It never occured to me that waking on at freaking 12 o clock on a Sunday can be so freaking good yet weird. Yes, i wake up late. It is likely due to the suprisingly quiet morning with not much construction activities (hmmm...) or was it because i was just too tired after the two movies marathon and a non-stop 1.5 hours on the dancefloor yesterday?

I was really really late as I'm supposed to visit the laundry down at 9.30am so that i could have it back by 3pm and be worried free for my gym at 4.30pm. Besides the quite Sunday morning, i was shocked to learn the laundry was CLOSED (Hmmm!). And then, switching on AXN, there's no CSI marathon (which I usually watched on a Sunday afternoon, to catch what I missed during the Tuesdays and the Wednesdays)...did i wake up on a right Sunday? Or I've actually slept myself into a different timezone where there's no CSI marathon on Sunday, the laundry normally closed on a Sunday, and the tea/coffee street hawker do not do business on a Sunday (gasp!).

Now...i just need to go down one more time, hoping that the person working in the laundry had just gone out for a freaking lunch.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

What If There is No One Coming?

Just came back from a 2 movies marathon…definitely a gread day for me. After reading the synopsis of The Lake House, I knew I’m going to love the movie. So it took me two months of waiting for the movie to come to Bangkok cinema, I’ve finally watched it and very much in love with it as well.

However, the movie did pose a very critical question to me, that at times I really do not want to think about the answer. When it comes to love or a relationship, I always told myself that I’m like to be the passive one. I’ll let fate brings it to me. Looking at the people and their relationship, I’m not sure if I’m fully ready for one and if I really want one.

In the movie, Sandra Bullok query Keanu Reeves “What if there is no one waiting?”. A very good ‘what if’. It kinda brought me back to earth, screaming the truth to me that there is really no one coming (since i'm the one waiting). Kinda hurt. Possibly because the reason for my interest in these love stories has always been my hope that there is someone out there, one day and we will go through those lovely emotions.

If that is the truth, then the truth it is I will face, just like how I recently told a client of mine to face the reality. So for those of you who prefer to continue to wait, I wish you all the luck and hopefully there is really someone there waiting/coming. For me, perhaps I’ll learn to let go that feeling, accept the situation and that there will not be anyone coming.

But one thing I do know I’m going to do. Get Jane Austen’s Persuasion and the soundtrack for the Lake House.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can someone get me a Jamie Olivier?

It's already middle of August...most of the quarterly reports and monthly topline reports had been completed. After days of continuous looking at those dairy beverages charts and data, I kinda get the feeling of 'muak'. From those UHTs to the Hi-Calciums, to those bloody kids UHT, then turning myself to those variations of yoghurts (why kind we just have plain cup yoghurt) and then ending with those condensed milk, creamer and evaporated milk.

As if i've just consumed all those products in the past few days...that have to be nutritious yet fattening! Just like my nephew here (sorry about the masking...have to!). Well this weekend will be snacks time. Another tedious report which i would need to get myself familiar with since this is a tough category (chips, crackers) for me as I've distance myself from it for a while (well as least the one pack a month quota still stand). It's really fattening, kay!

Anyway, with such tight schedule, I'm getting clueless of what to eat or cook for my dinner. I can't continue eating outside as it is quite expensive (than cooking myself). Furthermore, I can't think of anything new to cook and make dinner more interesting. My last few dishes has been meshes of stuff...chicken meat with tomato plus those mixed peas,corns, carrots into the pan. Anything i could find in my fridge, just take some of everything and meshes it up! Can be tasty but I'm getting so chef's block. Now i can feel the pressure my mom felt almost daily...and i do apologize for not helping her to think of the dishes to cook whenever she asked (that's because she always asked me right after my meal...I cannot think when I'm fulled).

Cook book? Nah..there are for those rich housewives with well-prepared kitchen. I'm living alone, with just a microwave, a frying pan. I'm not going to spend my time to find those difficult ingredients and remember how i failed miserably with my salmon? Can someone please get me a Jamie Olivier?!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

And the Stars are Blind

Yes...i bought myself a Paris Hilton. Quite unbelievable, but then's me. the one who bought CDs for the music without looking at the artiste (except if it's Hasslehoff!).'s my review of the single Stars Are Blind (whether you like it or not!)

Track 1: The radio version. If you have yet a chance to listen to this song, well you should give it a try. Reggae feel. Radio friendly. Not a bad song at all. And you wouldn't even know it's Paris if you hear it over the radio.

Track 2. Luny Tunes Remix. What kind of a DJ will call herself/himself Luny Tunes. Anyway, this version push the reggae beat further upfront with some latin style raps. Great for an afternoon dance. Let's Rhumba.

Track 3. Tracy Does Paris Club Mix – her remixes for Madonna were excellent which got her to where she is today. With a 9 minutes track, this is definitely for the club. And so I thought. After a second listening, I found this is more of a Lounge track. With clear jazzy influence, this is definitely not for the club (though it’s a club mix). Suitable for those lounge/clubs not meant for heavy dancing. Just patrons mingle around, and some dance to the beat somewhere.

Track 4. Chus & Ceballos Stereo Remix – European DJs/remixers. Not very familiar with their work. More clubby but at the same time have a bit of pop element in it. Reminds me of some Pet Shop Boys work, probably due to the heavy use of the electronic synthesizers.

Track 5. Scumfrog's Extreme Makeover – definitely heavy hitters. The title of the remix clearly indicate this as a Extreme Makeover. This is a much heavier club mix which Tracy should have done with hers. Perhaps the best track here. Go clubz!
Erotica / You Thrill Me (Confessesion Mix)

This is a fan-made version based on Madge's Confession tour version of erotica.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Let us all make this world a better place

The way I see it, the end of the world finally begins. With the Israel-Hezbollah war rages on, Oil price continue to break the ceiling and the latest news from UK about threat of using liquid explosive; I just wonder will this planet eventually ended much sooner?

In the world of comics, Apocalypse had 4 horsemen name WAR, PESTILENCE, FAMINE AND DEATH. The way I see it, WAR is now doing his deeds in the middle east while PESTILENCE is working his charm in the South East Asia, terrorizing us with the H5N1 virus, which just claimed its second victim in Thailand.

It doesn't matter what race you are and what religion you belongs to, let us all start by making this world a better place.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

TIIDA TVC Thailand

This is the Thailand version. Intresting beginning but kinda sucks towards the end.
Kim Cattrall Nissan Ad

While surfing the net for advertisements as groundwork for my latest proposal, I came across the following three TVCs (I'm showing two here only) for Nissan Tiida. Why the TVCs? Well, I help conducted the model name test in Malaysia in particular because the name Tiida sounds like a negative word in Malay which means "No". Hence, the study was to check how did people would pronounce it and any potential of launching it with a different pronounciation. That was sometime in 2005 and until today, I have yet to hear it being launch in Malaysia. But this TVC was launched early this year and the latest update that I got is that it is being banned in NZ and probably Aussie for being too provocative. No thanks to Kym Catral potraying her Samantha character again. Personally, I found these TVC quite funny. Enjoy.
Nissan Tiida Showroom

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Confession On The Dancefloor

I was practically late yesterday for clubbing, due to some report that took me hours to draft on (and still not completed!), the Academy Fantasia show which some of the contestants really needs improvement. Anyway, the place was already packed as the half hour lip-sync show had started. Fortunately, still got myself a BCoke and a place to fix myself in.

After the show, a group of people left (assuming tourist, coming only for the show). Hence, I took the opportunity to move onto the DANCEFLOOR. Unlike past few visits, yesterday was really not enjoyable, particularly due to these segments of people. And if you do belong to one of these segments, PLEASE abide the rules of the dancefloor or STAY HOME!

Segment 1: The Non-Movers.
C'mon. The dancefloor are meant for dancing not for standing there with your bunches of friends playing with SMS. Please do that in the cinema. You are wasting the space.

Segment 2: The Squeezer.
These people would just love to force themselve into the middle of the dancefloor even though it's packed. And when you are in the middle of the dancefloor, please DANCE. Swaying is definitely not allowed.

Segment 3: The Slow Jammerz.
It's really unacceptable to do a slow jam while the DJ is spinning a Gnarls Barkley. It's WRONG. It's okay that you two really love each other and I do not mind seeing you two hugging closely and massaging each other. But those are pre-making love action. PLEASE get a motel or find a secluded corner to have sex. You are pushing me and interupting my dance.

Segment 4: Ah Pek!
To all the uncles. Coming to a trendy place with a checkered polo-shirt and a well combed hair is HIDEOUS. And it such an eye sore seeing you trying to sway. Unless you are label-8, I totally forgive you. Else, you need an EXTREME MAKEOVER. FYI, there are a lot of matured people dressed to the occasion. Learn from them.

Segment 5: Stage Robot.
If you decide to go up to the stage and dance, I expect you to really know how to dance. Cos you are on the stage observed by all the biatches. But if you decide to move your arms like some robot, please come back to the floor.

Segment 6: The seasonal Nomad.
Now, when you knew you are going to dance on the dancefloor, please be prepared to be there for at least an hour. Stop moving in and out getting drinks regularly. It will just make you want to piss more.

Lastly, to the biatch who loves to dance on the stood in the middle of the floor, I'm okay for you doing that. But it is definitely irritating when you pour ice water or some drinks over your body and then having those droplets of H2O flicking all over the place including my head. It's annoying!

And to the DJ, STOP playing those FatBoySlim style of's stupid to slow down in the middle of a good track or having those undanceable-beat. But thanks for playing Madonna's Get Together, Christina's Ain't No Other Man and Gnarls Barkley's Crazy yesterday. LOVE IT!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Have You Confessed?

Of Salmon & Unsalted Butter

After days of planning to cook a good Salmon dish, I finally screwed it. What a waste.

I was supposed to cook my Salmon last Tuesday as I have carefully marinated it with lime juice, rum and parsley the night before. However, a friend of mine from Indonesia came and interupted my plan. We had a 3 hours dinner that night at a nice Thai restaurant, chatting about our unhappiness with our previous company. It was a surprise that we actually share some similar situation.

With the fish being marinated and sitting inside my fridge for almost 48 hours, I hope it would turn out good. Instead of pan-frying it, I decided to auto-cook it with my microwave, more healthy (less oil). One lesson learnt, never trust your Microwave auto-cooking. It sucks. Though I monitored it closely, it was overcooked though I stop it minutes before the complete time.

But my failure turns out to be the Butter Lime sauce. After searching for the recipe all over the net, manage to find a simple one that do not include egg yolk and other stuff. It just said, 1/3 cup of lime juice, butter and cilantro (which I replace with parsley). Since it never mentioned the supposedly serving size, I decided to improvise (which is what I do best!). Two huge seedless lime juice and some parsley, a teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt. Bringing it to a boil, I begin to slide it my butter slowly. Then I realise that my butter is actually unsalted and two limes is actually a sauce just refuse to thicken after spoons of butter slopped in...which I know it's a disaster to be.

Trying to save it, I start adding in sugar and salt, hope to reduce the sour taste. Also add in corn flour to thicken it. Though it thicken with yellowish color, it's too sour and ended spoiling my Salmon. Lesson number 2: Stick to simple dishes!

anyone care to try my butter lime sauce?