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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Of Salmon & Unsalted Butter

After days of planning to cook a good Salmon dish, I finally screwed it. What a waste.

I was supposed to cook my Salmon last Tuesday as I have carefully marinated it with lime juice, rum and parsley the night before. However, a friend of mine from Indonesia came and interupted my plan. We had a 3 hours dinner that night at a nice Thai restaurant, chatting about our unhappiness with our previous company. It was a surprise that we actually share some similar situation.

With the fish being marinated and sitting inside my fridge for almost 48 hours, I hope it would turn out good. Instead of pan-frying it, I decided to auto-cook it with my microwave, more healthy (less oil). One lesson learnt, never trust your Microwave auto-cooking. It sucks. Though I monitored it closely, it was overcooked though I stop it minutes before the complete time.

But my failure turns out to be the Butter Lime sauce. After searching for the recipe all over the net, manage to find a simple one that do not include egg yolk and other stuff. It just said, 1/3 cup of lime juice, butter and cilantro (which I replace with parsley). Since it never mentioned the supposedly serving size, I decided to improvise (which is what I do best!). Two huge seedless lime juice and some parsley, a teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt. Bringing it to a boil, I begin to slide it my butter slowly. Then I realise that my butter is actually unsalted and two limes is actually a sauce just refuse to thicken after spoons of butter slopped in...which I know it's a disaster to be.

Trying to save it, I start adding in sugar and salt, hope to reduce the sour taste. Also add in corn flour to thicken it. Though it thicken with yellowish color, it's too sour and ended spoiling my Salmon. Lesson number 2: Stick to simple dishes!

anyone care to try my butter lime sauce?


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