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Saturday, August 26, 2006

And Jamie Came!

Days ago, I posted an article titled "Can Someone Get Me a Jamie Oliver?" . Well, someone did get one for me. A friend of mine in London, should be moving to Leeds less than 2 weeks from now, did. Thanks dear! Will try to see which is simple and easy to work on when I have the time since some are not really easy to obtain in South East Asia and some I totally would not purposely go out and get it (eg. Sherry, double cream, this and that!). Well, here is my own recipe for a Chicken & Egg sandwich for you to enjoy. For serving of 1 person, you will need:

2 pieces of chicken fillet (make sure there's no fat, and skinned) cut into chunk/bite sizes (you would want to chew the meat, don't you!)
2-3 butter croissant (Alt: whole wheat croissant)
lettuce 3-4 leaves
half a bowl of frozen mixed vege. (why in the world would you not have it in your freezer. Go out and get a pack)
1 big tomato or 2-3 cherry tomatoes, cut into slices
1 boiled egg, chopped.
salt & pepper to taste (Alt: oregamo herbs)
2 tablespoon of thousand island sauce (put the mayoneise back in the fridge please, it's overused!)
2 teaspoon BBQ sauce (Alt: Mustard)
Basically, boiled the chicken and frozen vegetables over low heat. Make sure you don't overboiled your chicken.
Put the chicken, mixed vegetables and tomatoes into a bowl. Add a little bit of salt and fresh grounded pepper for taste. Drained out any water before adding in the sauces. Lastly add in the egg and mixed well. The egg should make your meat paste dryer. If need be, squeeze a slice of lime juice to create the tangy feel. Alternatively, cut a slice of cheese into tiny pieces and add into the mix ( I wanted to but realise the last slice of cheese was actually expired)
Cut your croissant into half and heat it for about 20-30 seconds in the microwave. Put a leaf of lettuce, add the meat paste, cover with the other half of the croissant, and voila, you had a tasty sandwich.
Additional alternative: a table spoon of rum could provide a unique aroma to it.
[The writer is not responsible for any bad experience you had for trying out this recipe]


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