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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What's Spinning: End Aug Edition Pt 2

London Bridge
Finally getting her own solo album, the first single from Dutchess is already creating hype over Billboard, making it to the Hot 10o poll position for the third consecutive weeks.
Definitely getting lots of airwave attention.
Personally, not much of a fan of this track. Perhaps a few more listen plus the video, I might eventually like it.
For's just a bubbling track for me.

Deja Vu feat Jay-Z
First single taken off from her latest album B'Day. The video already causing much controversial amongst her fans, stating her improper dance move with Jay-Z. Personally, not a bad single for miss Beyonce. With the bad vibe she's currently having, don't really see how far her album would go... fans are already disagree with her current sense of fashion. Song wise, it's still a good club track, making to the pole position in Billboard Club Play chart.

Morris Brown
It is always great to hear something from the intelligent Outkast. Love them ever since their Miss Jackson track.
Hey Ya was catchy and good that it became very annoying while I Like The Way You Move should have been given a higher profile since it is such an excellent track.

Taken from their latest album Idlewind, this track is very unique and special, with heavy layer instruments from the marching band, this is definitely something fresh to hear. watch the video. Quite fun too.


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