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Saturday, March 14, 2009


After two weeks of waiting, I finally got hold of Annie Lennox's Greatest Hits. And it was well worth the wait with 14 gems in it.
Unfortunately, I also just realised that there is a Deluxed 3 Disc edition with a 2nd bonus disc of rare tracks including the Idol Gives Back track (Many River to Cross) and the duet with Alicia Keys on Everybody Hurts. The 3rd disc is basically a DVD of all her music videos. damn.
I should have waited longer like how I waited for SImply Red's 25 Deluxed Edition. With just an additional 100baht from the original 2 disc version, I got the DVD with all the 25 music videos. that's another review later.
I'm putting the CD on shuffle and every song is simply a gem on its own. My fave? The hauting Love Song for a Vampire.
Sing sing sing! If only she included a bonus disc on the remixes, for example the superb Moto Blanco mix of Sing.


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