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Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Confession On The Dancefloor

I was practically late yesterday for clubbing, due to some report that took me hours to draft on (and still not completed!), the Academy Fantasia show which some of the contestants really needs improvement. Anyway, the place was already packed as the half hour lip-sync show had started. Fortunately, still got myself a BCoke and a place to fix myself in.

After the show, a group of people left (assuming tourist, coming only for the show). Hence, I took the opportunity to move onto the DANCEFLOOR. Unlike past few visits, yesterday was really not enjoyable, particularly due to these segments of people. And if you do belong to one of these segments, PLEASE abide the rules of the dancefloor or STAY HOME!

Segment 1: The Non-Movers.
C'mon. The dancefloor are meant for dancing not for standing there with your bunches of friends playing with SMS. Please do that in the cinema. You are wasting the space.

Segment 2: The Squeezer.
These people would just love to force themselve into the middle of the dancefloor even though it's packed. And when you are in the middle of the dancefloor, please DANCE. Swaying is definitely not allowed.

Segment 3: The Slow Jammerz.
It's really unacceptable to do a slow jam while the DJ is spinning a Gnarls Barkley. It's WRONG. It's okay that you two really love each other and I do not mind seeing you two hugging closely and massaging each other. But those are pre-making love action. PLEASE get a motel or find a secluded corner to have sex. You are pushing me and interupting my dance.

Segment 4: Ah Pek!
To all the uncles. Coming to a trendy place with a checkered polo-shirt and a well combed hair is HIDEOUS. And it such an eye sore seeing you trying to sway. Unless you are label-8, I totally forgive you. Else, you need an EXTREME MAKEOVER. FYI, there are a lot of matured people dressed to the occasion. Learn from them.

Segment 5: Stage Robot.
If you decide to go up to the stage and dance, I expect you to really know how to dance. Cos you are on the stage observed by all the biatches. But if you decide to move your arms like some robot, please come back to the floor.

Segment 6: The seasonal Nomad.
Now, when you knew you are going to dance on the dancefloor, please be prepared to be there for at least an hour. Stop moving in and out getting drinks regularly. It will just make you want to piss more.

Lastly, to the biatch who loves to dance on the stood in the middle of the floor, I'm okay for you doing that. But it is definitely irritating when you pour ice water or some drinks over your body and then having those droplets of H2O flicking all over the place including my head. It's annoying!

And to the DJ, STOP playing those FatBoySlim style of's stupid to slow down in the middle of a good track or having those undanceable-beat. But thanks for playing Madonna's Get Together, Christina's Ain't No Other Man and Gnarls Barkley's Crazy yesterday. LOVE IT!


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