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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Definitely a mess...a beautiful mess!

Unless you are about my age or older, you might felt a bit clueless if you hear people mentioned about Swing Out Sister. Of course, that include my friend, the one we called 'You Know Who' amongst my circle of friends. hahaha.

Anyway, when one mentioned Swing Out Sister, two songs normally came to mind. The addictive 'Breakout' and the appealing "Am I The Same Girl' (which is also being used by Martha Stewart on her show Martha).

Bought their album recently, although it isn't one of their better album but it ain't bad either. Very much your afternoon tea affair. I mean what can you expect out of a jazz album, except to sit back, relax with a cup of earl grey and hot scone, on the garden...and coozy up with Swing Out Sister.

Not going to do any track by track review as this album is meant for full listen (minus the two remixes at the end). A few outstanding tracks coming from this album, the current single "Something Every Day" which really get very catchy after a few listens, "Butterfly" and the title track "Beautiful Mess".

Well, go out and buy this album if you are one who enjoy jazz music.

Oh..did i mention she kinda sound likes Lisa Stansfield? Hmmm...when is Lisa going to make a comeback?

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Like they had to be cold!

after failing on my first attempt, my second attempt at cold brewing my coffee was generally successful.

so, here's the basic recipe to make your own ice coffee. you need:

Ground coffee
Filter (basic item to filter your coffee)

Put about 5 tablespoon of grounded coffee into the jar. Then pour in about 750ml of drinking water in room temperature. Leave it in room temperature for about 10 hours before putting it into the fridge for another 8-10 hours...basically, it taste better after 24hours of brewing.

For your final preparation, pour in the fresh milk (you can substitute with skim milk or soy milk) into a tall glass until it reach about a quarter of the height of the glass. Then with a filter, pour in the coffee. Add the syrup if you prefer a sweet coffee. Else, mix the milk and coffee well. If you prefer latte, add more milk. Finish it with a couple of ices. And you have a nice cold brewed ice coffee!!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Where we’re heading is anybody’s guess
All that’s left is one big beautiful mess
We’ll get over it someday we’ll forget
All that’s left is one big beautiful mess

(Andy Connell, Corinne Drewery)


Thursday, October 09, 2008

When You Can't Find The Answer...Blame the Chinese!

The recent Black October in Bangkok had raised a very simple question. What happen? Why the casualties if only defensive approach had been utilised? Police said it's home-made bomb from the protesters while the protesters claimed it's from the police.

And now we have new possibility...tear gas from China. Not suprising right? With the melanine issue still hovering the air, I guess it's okay to further leverage on it and blame everything with the Chinese. here's the excerpt taken from one of Thailand leading English daily:

Chinese tear-gas may be culprits: forensic expert
Tear-gas canisters imported from China may have caused the severe wounds to victims injured during the police dispersal of anti-government protesters on Tuesday, a veteran forensic expert said Thursday.
Former director of the Office of Police Forensic Science, Pol Lt-Colonel Amporn Jarujinda said Chinese teargas canisters generate a powerful explosive after being fired and drop to the ground before releasing the tear gas cloud. "This was why many protesters received severe injuries and died," he said. "Chinese teargas canisters are not the same as those used in developed countries such as the US."

So....if you can't find the answer, blame the Chinese!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm Not Ashamed to say that I Bought this....

Yes, it's the comeback album from these five lads. And if you are like me at the initial just can't see yourself going to the record store and be seen holding this album, well...think twice.

This is definitely a great album, even if you hate them for destroying your teen life with those haunting songs (I'll Be Loving You Forever, Step by Step, etc), you should buy this album for the songs itself.

If you like the lead single, "Summertime", you will definitely like most of the tracks here.

Going back to yonder years where they were really kids, hence the songs they had were generally sugar pop, enticing teens in their dreams, etc...then clearly failing with their third album, the 'we wanna be street/edgy' Games album which clearly flop and then the breakup.

Anyway, let's get back to this album. It's definitely pop with a bit of hip-hop nicely laced into it. The first track "Click Click Click" would already get you up and moving to the deep soothing beats. "Single" is a much better track than "Summertime" and it also feature Ne-Yo. Glad that it is the second single lifted off this album.

There are really tons of cool tracks which include 'Dirty Dancing', with a cool piano intro then blasting with ragga beats, the surprisingly good 'Sexify My Love'. Of course the duet with New Edition on "Full Service".

Perhaps the let down have to be coming from the track featuring Pussycat doll.

But no worries, just go out, buy this album, put in your car audio and blast it.

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