It's Not Nag, It's Just Me

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Biological Clock

It rain pretty heavily yesterday evening, started around 6.30pm and spoiled all my plans.

Since eating out is absolutely a no-no, one will have to make do with what one could scramble out of the Fridge and dry goods storage for a dinner, much more challenging when the fridge is practically empty. I'm not going to revisit what i had for dinner though.

With the rain not likely to stop at 9pm, and the front of the condo is clearly flooded and the Dragonball DVD which i borrowed from the gym could only speak in Thai language with no English subtitles offered and having no mood to continue working after spending few hours earlier in finishing the additional analysis for a report, i decided to sleep by 9.30pm.

And my biological clock continue to work even on a Sunday (unless i'm totally wasted), i found myself awake at 3am...and could not really return to dreamland despite the attempts.

And if I'm to go out, the security guard will very much wonder where the hell i'm going.

Hence, watched an hour of sitcom reruns and finally finished John Grisham's The Associate (of which Shai LeBouf will starred in it). Glad that I managed to finish this within 7 days, far from my 2 days record (Da Vinci Code).

Compared to the previous, The Appeal, this gives a much better satisfaction. Though both are very much appealing and exciting to read, but I hated how The Appeal ended. Though The Associate has no fairy tale ending but at least, it's more acceptable.

Well, it's almost 6am...can go out for breakfast!