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Saturday, August 12, 2006

And the Stars are Blind

Yes...i bought myself a Paris Hilton. Quite unbelievable, but then's me. the one who bought CDs for the music without looking at the artiste (except if it's Hasslehoff!).'s my review of the single Stars Are Blind (whether you like it or not!)

Track 1: The radio version. If you have yet a chance to listen to this song, well you should give it a try. Reggae feel. Radio friendly. Not a bad song at all. And you wouldn't even know it's Paris if you hear it over the radio.

Track 2. Luny Tunes Remix. What kind of a DJ will call herself/himself Luny Tunes. Anyway, this version push the reggae beat further upfront with some latin style raps. Great for an afternoon dance. Let's Rhumba.

Track 3. Tracy Does Paris Club Mix – her remixes for Madonna were excellent which got her to where she is today. With a 9 minutes track, this is definitely for the club. And so I thought. After a second listening, I found this is more of a Lounge track. With clear jazzy influence, this is definitely not for the club (though it’s a club mix). Suitable for those lounge/clubs not meant for heavy dancing. Just patrons mingle around, and some dance to the beat somewhere.

Track 4. Chus & Ceballos Stereo Remix – European DJs/remixers. Not very familiar with their work. More clubby but at the same time have a bit of pop element in it. Reminds me of some Pet Shop Boys work, probably due to the heavy use of the electronic synthesizers.

Track 5. Scumfrog's Extreme Makeover – definitely heavy hitters. The title of the remix clearly indicate this as a Extreme Makeover. This is a much heavier club mix which Tracy should have done with hers. Perhaps the best track here. Go clubz!


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