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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Another week had passed and we are much closer to the end of August and my sixth month here in Grungtheph (aka Bangkok). Time really flies. The week actually went almost unnoticed except a few glitches here and there. One of them actually shove to me right in the beginning of Monday when I learnt that my exec was VERY dissapointed (in ME!) and was very down. The little bird turns out to be my super-manager. And it is clearly a non-communication (not really a miscomm.) that created such a hoo-hah for my young exec. It has been a tough and busy week as we were gearing up for the final touches for the Friday presentation and I somehow told my super-manager to present a segment which my exec was planning to present (since she did that segment). And there are still so many final touches and additional data to be added into the report that I really do not have any time to tell my exec the reason for leaving her out of the presentation. And there she became so creative and imaginative that she wanted to resign. Honestly...W.A.L.O.C! And Monday itself I had to do a very quick healing approach. I mean, when I was just an exec, I would rather happy to have my boss present the stuff to the MD though I'm the one who did the chart. At the same time, I'm also very happy that my exec had such plan to present. Hmm...people from Venus could really be quite difficult to dissect sometimes. Well...this reminds us again that communication is very important and very critical. A simple miscommunication can really create a whole load of tsunami. And the next WALOC came when I was given a task to handle a comprehensive proposal. From the brief, it seems this client of mine would like to reach the sky with some magic beanstalk. The problem is that they only have normal bean stalk (not the one Jack bought from the trader). It's clearly a need for both qualitative and quantitative approaches. However, my beloved half client (since I share this client with another team) had a LOC with our Qualitative team recently and both had put up a 'Crime Scene: No Crossing ' tape on each other. The quali team even refuse to do a background only role (which is really a whole LOC from a business point of view). The whole week I have to think of a way to communicate a non-quali quali approach in the proposal. Proposal had been sent. Approach not properly communicated. Will let my boss deal with it if commissioned, which I doubt if competitors are proposing both approaches. The only thing I could say to my boss or even MD is that I'm not to be responsible since we have this WALOC situation.


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