It's Not Nag, It's Just Me

Monday, December 25, 2006

Desperate & Over

Coming back from the gym yesterday, I was overwhelm by the large crowd along the route towards my home. The Christmas decorations on these routes are really beautiful and had been there for the past 4 weeks, at least. But coming out to take pictures on Christmas eve sounds like a last minute thingy.

The walkways are fully packed with people, mostly locals (not tourist) taking photos, which somehow made the walkway difficult to walk and at times, a standstill.

I mean, these decorations had been there for weeks, and yet, people have to always have to last minute habits. I realised that this is not a Malaysian thingy but more of a South East Asian thingy. Last minute people.

And some of them can be really OVER. Really dressed up like a model just to come here to take photos. Desperate or Over?

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year. NOT!

Oh yes, it's Christmas, y'all. One more week and 2006 will be dunzo!

How I celebrate Christmas Eve? Well, I ended up going to be at 11pm and waking up 8.30am this Christmas morning. I mean I did plan to go out clubbing but after dinner, I just felt too tired and sleepy to go out anymore. Well, it all started on Saturday, two days before Christmas.

After my Thai lesson, I went to the gym (not my usual outlet) to meet up with a colleague of mine. She mentioned there will be some party in the late afternoon. After finsihing my combat class at 2pm, bathed and lunched, it was 4pm and I headed back to the gym to check out the party. Somehow, the party actually only started at 5ish. So I waited forabout an hour and my colleague never return (she mentioned of coming back about 4pm), so I decided to go home.

Watched Survivor final episodes on YouTube and headed out clubbing till 3am.

Was planning to go to the gym on Sunday morning but was just too lazy. The Thai teacher came late (was supposed to start at 2pm), she only appeared at 2.40pm. After the class, went to the gym for my combat. A good one but somehow, ended up not going out for Christmas Eve.

Anyway, Merry Christmas y'all.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This disease called LAZY

I have no idea why but I think I’m catching this disease called LAZY. With no actual job but just proposal and meeting clients for briefing, December so far was a breeze. Furthermore with last week being a short working week (Tuesday was a holiday, Friday was my company's D&D and last Monday being a holiday, I have not been putting effort in doing anything (both my work and blogging) except shopping for my perfume, the presents for my sub-ordinates, watching Will & Grace Season 4 and attending my Combat class.

So here I am, finding it a challenge to use my brain to develop some dummy charts for the client. Also because I have no experience with this Panel monitoring, hence I totally find no mood and motivation to work at all.

I normally will get sleepy by 3pm but today, I’m already feeling sleepy at 11am. Or was it because I have not been sleeping well over the past few days? Well, I have been sleeping on the couch again yesterday while trying to stay awake to catch the final episode of Amazing Race.

It’s 5pm. One more hour to go. All I am thinking of now is a need to lie down on the bed and sleep, not doing anything but sleep or perhaps have someone giving me a nice back massage. Then to wake up a few hours later for dinner, which would already be nicely prepared.

And Clay Aiken’s CD is not making this easier. So not motivating!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Excuse Me Sir, They Give You More Than Me!

Well another funny thing happen on the 2nd Day of December. With money to spend, I decided to visit the new Japanese restaurant in the Hypermarket which I visit every Saturday. After browsing the menu, I decided to go for the Tempura Seafood set which cost only 99 baht. Within minutes, the food arrived.

Suddenly, I heard this old woman sitting next to me saying something to the waitress while pointing at my food. I was thinking she's just asking for the name of my set. A minute after the waitress had left, she decided to say this to me: "Excuse me Sir, You know, they gave you a lot more than mine. I came here four to five times a month, and i normally got 4 to 5 pieces of tempura only". I was kinda i supposed to feel guilty or what? It's not my fault that the chef decided to give me a few more tempura. I think I got about 7 pieces. I continue to eat though feeling a bit uneasy.

As I almost finish my meal, she decided to speak to me again:
Old Woman: "Look at that dish over there (same dish as mine), it also got a lot".
Me: "Well, you should complain to the management then".
Old Woman: "Oh..I'm not going to do that. I'm just not coming here for one month. They want to play game with me huh".

Again, I was speechless. Just smile and continue to eat my meal. Before she left, she give me her bottle of mineral water (which was half empty).
Old Woman: "Hey, please have this. I can't finish it"
Me: "er..thanks".

Gee...what a not so guilty but yet felt so guilty lunch.

So in LOVE wiht this album

Remember earlier that I mentioned about this album here? Well, I am giving you my 100% assurance that this is a worth buying album whether it's for yourself or as a Christmas present. Here's my track by track review.
1. The Rose.
The first single lifted off this album and already earned them a no. 1 spot in UK. A great track though not as good as Bette Midler's rendition but still an excellent track.
2. Total Eclispe of The Heart.
I'm quite worried whether the boys could bring out the strength of this song as Bonnie Tyler and am glad that they did a good job, especially having Mark taking on the high notes. Totally worth a listen.
3. All Out Of Love (feat. Delta Goodrem)
Hmmm...Didn't their ex-member once dueted with Delta Goodrem. Hmmm. Anyway, my brother was so in love with this track. Though I still love Air Supply's version, but this is a good one, especially with Ms. Delta enhancing the track.
4. You Light Up My Life
I kinda like Le Ann Rime's version with her strong vocal. Fortunately, Westlife's version makes me love this song much more. Totally dig the way they cleverly use Shane and Mark's vocal.
5. Easy.
Normally, by this time, one will find the songs getting crappier by this time. But luckily not here. Simply easy listening, simply nice.
6. You Are So Beautiful To Me
Another great track but a bit expected in terms of performance and a bit short, running at 3 minutes and 7 seconds.
7. Have You Ever Been In Love
Not sure who is the original singer, hence I treat this as a new song to me. And this track really sink on me. You can really get a bit emotional with this track. Would be great to have a Piano Acoustic version.
8. Love Can Build A Bridge.
The first track that I hear Nicky's vocal. Another strong track, especially the ending chorus bit with the choir and Mark's ad lib. Love love love this track! A track I believed will also be carried well by Le Ann Rimes and Carrie Underwood.
9. The Dance
Another emotional track. Having Shane leading most of the track was a good choice while Mark's strong vocal ending it was so nice.
10. All Or Nothing.
Perhaps the weakest track in the album. Not sure why Steve Mac decided to include his own composition here. Not much different from O-Town's version. Would be much better if Steve Mac continue the acoustic guitar version instead of pumping in more instrumental in the second verse.
11. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Weird track since it is much better to be put in their 'Allow Us To be Frank' album. Just doesn't match at all, especially Shane using his weird Frank Sinatra's voice.

...I've captured this, this and this!

Here's just some small clips of the photos simply taken on the 2nd day of December where I decided to make a trip to Central World (which is still in renovation but quite a lot was done). More photos can be scene HERE.

On the 2nd Day of December....

We have officially entered the last month of 2006. How time zapped by. Last year at this month, I was having a career affair feeling the guilt and dilemma of leaving the company and my home country. Was there any regrets? Yes but that is something I will have to deal with.

I was quite happy last Thursday as it was pay day. I've (again) overspent my allocated monthly budget (since I forgot to allocate my Thai lessons charges). Since Friday was a working day, I did not spend any, and my friend who's supposed meet up for a drink kinda fly-kite, I ended up spending my November salary on this, this and this which costed me almost 1000 baht. Which reminds me that I've totally forgotten about this. There goes another 350 baht.

December is going to be one hell of a cash burning month with my mom and bro and his family coming's spend spend spend!!!!!!!!! And I also need a new wallet. Anyone kind enough to get me one for my christmas present?