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Sunday, August 20, 2006

What a Sunday!

It never occured to me that waking on at freaking 12 o clock on a Sunday can be so freaking good yet weird. Yes, i wake up late. It is likely due to the suprisingly quiet morning with not much construction activities (hmmm...) or was it because i was just too tired after the two movies marathon and a non-stop 1.5 hours on the dancefloor yesterday?

I was really really late as I'm supposed to visit the laundry down at 9.30am so that i could have it back by 3pm and be worried free for my gym at 4.30pm. Besides the quite Sunday morning, i was shocked to learn the laundry was CLOSED (Hmmm!). And then, switching on AXN, there's no CSI marathon (which I usually watched on a Sunday afternoon, to catch what I missed during the Tuesdays and the Wednesdays)...did i wake up on a right Sunday? Or I've actually slept myself into a different timezone where there's no CSI marathon on Sunday, the laundry normally closed on a Sunday, and the tea/coffee street hawker do not do business on a Sunday (gasp!).

Now...i just need to go down one more time, hoping that the person working in the laundry had just gone out for a freaking lunch.


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