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Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Movie Marathon weekend...halted temporary

Okay...i've stopped at 4.5 movies..not bad for 3/4 of Saturday, ain't it or that just show that i'm not having any life at all?!
Neways, here's how the marathon started around 2pm.

Funny? Nope.
Stupid? As always.
Disaster? Yep.
Like: The take on Amy Adam's Enchanted character
The stupid Amy Winehouse and Juno.
Good for the first movie of a marathon, it's so bad that the next series of movies will feel much positive.

Was supposed to go to the cinema to watch it but was too lazy. Furthermore, it's not even in those classy cineplex but in two very old cinema (probably in line with the 'slum' image).
No argument that it was a good movie. It's not about how Jamal won the Millionaire contest but the love story behind it was well played. And the quite true story of the poor kids life in India.

Read my earlier entry.
Definitely had to watch it again. Not that it was that good, in fact it is not. But i was watching the Cantonese version, so i need to watch it again with the original HOllywood version.
I have yet to finish this one.
Ricky Gervais again being the 'asshole' guy but do find the interesting bit of seeing his vanity side (haha) on his first non-date date with Tea Leoni's characters.

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