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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A-Maze-In Moms

After staying awake for almost 36 hours, I finally gave in at around 10.30pm and went to bed despite Josh, my nephew was playing around with my phone on the bed. I just had no more energy to play with him. Justin, my other nephew already gave up on me in view of my non-responses.
With a good 7 hours of sleep, the next morning i was given a task to find my mom in the wet market and drove her back home. And that’s when trouble begins.
Despite the wet market near my house is relatively small, but that place still reflecting a maze. A maze fill with moms, who tend to dress quite alike and also having the same style of hair, the same body size.
And to find a mom, one will need to fully understand moms. They are undeniably the first generation of shopaholics. While my mom is not one when it comes to fashion and even groceries, but she automatically transform into one as she enter the wet market. It’s like the nanochips in her DNA automatically activated upon the sights/sounds/smell of wet market.
To illustrate my point, this is just an example of how my mom behaves. After breakfast in a coffeeshop, she would ask us to wait for her while she makes a quick dash to the market to buy meat or fruit. After 15 minutes later, her sight has yet to be seen. At times, we either wait further or we make a walk to the market and you’ll be surprise to see her with bags of stuff. Pre-store, she only had one or two items in mind, despite the lack of point of purchase materials or any in-store media, the in-store triggers are so strong that she would end up buying some other unplanned items as well. That’s mom or moms!
That morning, I make a few tour around the market but couldn’t find her and eventually missed her, as she walked back home while i’m still standing outside the market searching all four corners for a sight of her since she could also e in the mini-market outside the wet market, or the fruit shops outside the wet market. Despite her shopping mission just being the Wet Market, but she could end up having a few other side missions as well, which is beyond the wet market.
Which is why modern trade is still not able to compete with the traditional wet market despite we have more in-store activities and triggers, it just ain’t wet market. Perhaps we should really try to do depth analysis into the in-store triggers or how my company terms it as the ‘Delta moments’.


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