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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Too soon to be singing to this but...

Better In Time
Written by J. R. Rotem and Andrea Martin
Slight revision by JT

It's been the longest winter without you
I didnt know where to turn to
See somehow I can't forget you
After all that we've been through
go in, come in, thought i heard a knock, who's there? no one
Thinking that i deserved it
now i realize that i really didn't know
you didn't notice, you mean everything
quickly i have to learn to love again
all i know is, i'll be ok

thought i couldn't live without you
it's gonna hurt when it heals too
Hope it'll all get better in time
even though i really love you
i'll have to smile cause i believed i deserve to
it'll all get better in time

how could i turn on the tv without something there to remind me
was it all that easy to just put aside your feelings?
if i'm dreaming don't wanna let it hurt my feelings
but thats the path i believe in
and i know that, time will heal it
you didn't notice, well you mean everything
quickly i have to learn to love again
all i know is, i'll be ok

thought i couldn't live without you
it's gonna hurt when it heals too
Hope it'll all get better in time
even though i really love you
i'll have to smile cause i believed i deserve to
it'll all get better in time

since there's no more you and me
i had to let time to teach me to let you go so i can be free
and live my life how it should have been
no matter how hard it is i'll be fine without you
hope i will

thought i couldn't live without you
it's gonna hurt when it heals too
Hope it'll all get better in time
even though i really love you
i'll have to smile cause i believed i deserve to
it'll all get better in time


Sunday, July 27, 2008

coming soon.....

Beautiful Tour indeed.

First it was this 'reunion' tour. Which tears did run down my face while watching it.

Then, the release of this amazingly great album, which showed their maturity and one of their best album to date.

And now the tour. While it was not as great as teh Ultimate Tour, but it was overall a good show with good songs well performed.

Boast a set of 17 tracks, it was quite a nice 110minutes of entertainment.

A few outstanding tracks. Relight My Fire is one of it. Although Lulu is not featured like how she was in the previous tour but they did manage to do a greatversion of it and by putting it Gnarls Barkley's Crazy in the bridge. Really cool.

Everything Changes and Could It Be Magic are two old tracks that got some new breath into it and it was really good. Take That's fan will surely be singing and swinging to it.

Having Pray as the last track was really for the fans since it was done in its original version. And it was this track that had me crying when they perform in their Ultimate Tour. But this time, I just felt nice.

In addition, the new tracks from the Beautiful World album were also nicely done here especially Jason's solo take on Wooden Boat and also Mark's Shine.

Another collection to keep. If only they had the audio version.

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This is fattening!

Just realised that I've been stuffing myself for the past 2 days....need to hit the gym and do more. Here's what I've eaten....

It was lunch time, I was strolling myself at Central World seeking for an orange color shirt for next week but without any luck. It was 1pm and decided to search for nice lunch, and I ended up at this dimsum restaurant called "Yum Cha", which in cantonese means "Drinking Tea". The outlet is having a promotion on its dimsum buffet, from the usual 289++baht, it's now 199++baht.

And so I went it, sit down and ended up with 5 fried dimsum dishes and 8 steam dimsum dishes. Not that I ordered so much but, they brought me 3 fried dishes upfront. Then when the steam dishes are ready for distribution, they dumped 12 dishes on my table. After going through it, i end up returning 6.

The nice thing is that the staff did not give me any weird look but continue being nice and ask if I want to add anymore. So, i ended adding 2 more fried and 2 more steam. 13 dishes!!!!

Oh....but i did end up having dinner around 10pm.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Why so serious?

Three years ago, Christhoper Nolan informed us it has begun. Three years after that, Christopher Nolan returns and showed us the dark side of the knight.

I told you it was coming back in April, and it had came and creating history. I'm glad I experienced it. For the past 2 weeks I've been having 4 hours + of sleep focusing on reports after reports and today, I decided to drop everything and enjoy the Friday night that it's supposed to be. I don't care what the client said about me ignoring her calls, I just needed my time off.

So there I was, at the ticket counter, paying crazy price for the movie. And I'm glad I did.

Nolan wasted no time in telling its audience how he wanted this movie to be like, right from the beginning. It's real, it's dark and he's not holding back.

There are a few scenes that I try not to watch as it is really scary and real, and yes, it has Joker in it. He's one hell of a 'ma-fah'. And the late Mr. Heath Ledger did play a crazy Joker, much better than Jack Nicholson's. I do hope the Academy will give him a nod in next year's Oscar.

I'm not going to tell you much about this movie (no spoiler!) but just don't bring your kid to watch it. It's quite gory at times...especially Two Face.

Running at 150minutes, it was well worth to go to the cinema and watch it, to enjoy the chilling score, the visual effect and other stuff.

The quotes: "Why so Serious?", "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming a villain"

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First 916?

Hmmmm....are we going to have our 916?

Can't wait!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Here are two phrases from two different friends of mine which i like very much.

"Don't let someone be a priority in your life when you are just an option to theirs"
"If you think nobody in the world cares about your existence, try stop payin your credit card bill payments"

Perhaps i'm being too nice at times...or being too naive that I let people take advantage of it.

My recent incident had let me realise what an idiot i've been and how people can lie straigth to your face. Of shame, they have none.

Friday, July 18, 2008

@30s : Crisis

Crisis. According to, one of the definition of crisis is An emotionally stressful event or traumatic change in a person's life.

I had written two paragraphs weeks ago but it was in my other pc and i'm too lazy to do the transfers, hence, I decided to write a new one.

Have I ever experience crisis? I believed so, perhaps right from the start of my life, that my brother was suffering from some form of congenital heart defects, that if operation is not done, he will not live past his teenage life. I was too young to feel the crisis then. But from what my mom told me, despite being two years younger than my brother, I'm the one that had to walk while my mom carried him. That's not crisis...but the crisis actually happen after my bro finally went for the operation (i believed he was about 6 or 7 years old then) that he evolved from a thin sick looking boy too a fat snobbish boy while I changed from a chubby cute boy to a thin not-cute-anymore boy. Nobody can explain why but it could have been a simple crisis of my life.

Of course, growing up in a working class families, family crisis are bound to happen, whether you like it or not. The extra-marital affairs that had my mom doing silly things (women!), the constant bedroom debate that had me plugging in a headphone listening to the 24hours radio to soften those THX effect so that i could sleep peacefully, the gambling habit of 'him' that had us go major crisis which created the phobia of telephone ringing (took me years to succumb that phobia), the first 'crush' that really had me crushed and suffered from depression for 2 years...and all this before i even reached 25.

Come to think of it, are we as homosapiens, bound to face at least one major crisis in each decade of our existence?

I believed I'm facing another crisis at the moment. At least it's a personal crisis rather than family. And with all the experiences, I still find myself clueless as to how to handle this crisis. Or perhaps with so many responsibilities i'm bearing that it really do not allow me to make any extreme or sudden decision but to make effort to maintain my senses.

I'm quite suprising that I'm taking this crisis calmly although i wish i could scream and disappear from this earth, yet the rational part of me kept slapping me for having those thoughts.

At this stage, I'm quite determined of what my plan will be but it will be a relatively long term plan for now since the world is facing more serious crisis than me, that mine is like nothing as compared to the political situation in both Thailand and Malaysia.

But how critical is a crisis at 30s if compared to a crisis at 20s or 40s...and will there be crisis at 50s? How I wish there is someone that I could comfortably fall back upon during such crisis....


Saturday, July 12, 2008

coming soon...i hope


Friday, July 04, 2008

What the F have you done lately?

Yep, that's the last line before the credit screen appears.

I'm not sure why but I'm always tempted to watch an action pack movie which Angelina Jolie starred in. I think she just had that charisma in such genre. Wait, what movie am i talking about? This one, of course.
I received a call yesterday evening asking if I would like to go for a movie and it's between Wanted and Hancock. We ended up with Wanted, mainly due to Jolie's presence.
I'm not going to say much about it but just go provide you an overview of what to expect out of this flick. Considering that it's adapted from a comic book, you will have to ignore any illogical or scientifically challenge stuff but to really enjoy the moment.
In terms of the style, it's really cool. The choreagraphed stunt was suave, the curve shot and those weird yet cool guns.
The music in general is okay...
But the storyline and the James' character is just a bit over. REminds me of those HK movies or dramas where the hero create all the troubles because of his impatience and seek revenge fast, etc etc.
But then who cares, we are just there to watch Jolie and the curved shot.
Photos courtesy of Yahoo Movies!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Entering Bates Motel…A Series of Unfortunate Meals

Well, I normally do not do this, i.e writing this review after a few days of the visit but I had no choice since I was down with food poisoning. Not that I’m pointing fingers at any parties since food poisoning is kinda complicated when you have so many touch points across the day and it usually starts within an hour and up to 48 hours after consumption. So I have to track back my trail with a few possibilities came up. Again not naming names.

But anyway, this is supposed to be about FoodWave. It’s my second visit to this restaurant. While I’m not trying to be bias but one just can’t stop me from comparing my recent experiences with FoodLoft back in Bangkok.

One thing that I like about this restaurant is its seaview, especially when it’s not too bright and windy, that it kinda give you that calm peaceful moment that one would enjoy. Sadly, the positive part of this restaurant stops here.

As I reached the entrance, the male staff after giving me the standard ‘wai’ greeting but with a straight face, passed me a card without saying anything. Or perhaps I looked like a local, that one would assumed I knew how the system work. Since the sun has yet to set, both my friend and I decided to find a table at the open air section.

It actually took us more than 5 minutes before we realized that the staffs don’t really bother patrons at the open air section. We had a debate if we should switch to the indoor or to wait. Fortunately, a staff came out to serve a table nearby that we managed to get her interest. And this is how it went:

Us: Hi. What’s the table number?
Staff: HUH?! (mouth kinda widely open, with a WTF expression)
Us: (slowly and clearly). Table number.
Staff: Oh. (She scribbled something at the back of our card and left).

Time for food. Went to the Chinese stall. The staff there was okay, trying to check if I need help. Ordered the Egg Noodles with Barbeque Pork. Sadly the Taro Dumpling was not available. So I had the Fried Prawn Dumpling. Also had the Jasmine Tea but again, it doesn’t come in a pot.

The noodle arrived shortly after. Looked okay but as the saying…never judge a book by its cover. It was bloody salty. Nothing but salty. And the worst part, the vegetable is cold. I’m awared that most restaurants will normally pre-cooked the vegetables but at least have some sense in putting it back into the boiling water for a few seconds before serving. The prawn dumpling came much later. Hot and crispy it was, but salty it was too. Is salt getting cheaper these days?

The rest of the experience is something that I don’t truly enjoy mainly due to the food poisoning taken into effect. But then, it’s not really the restaurant fault.

Overall, excluding the latter part of the evening, there’s one feeling that I got throughout the visit. And funnily, it’s unexplainable. It’s like something is not right with the place but you just can’t point it out. Imagine we were in those horror movies, that when we reached the haunted house or hotel, we had that creepy feeling that something is amiss but we can’t clearly figure it out. To use the word ‘Creepy’ is a bit exaggerated but then again, I just can’t find any better word to describe the staff, with the relatively unwelcome yet not disinterested facial expression.

I did mention about comparing with FoodLoft earlier. While the price is much more premium but the service is really excellent. The staff was attentive, put a ‘reserved’ sign on your table straight away, so that we could leave the table and order our food without worries. And if the staff noticed that we were walking with our food, he/she will make an effort to assist us. But then again, perhaps I shouldn’t compare since it’s unfair to tell a tangerine to act like an orange.

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