It's Not Nag, It's Just Me

Saturday, August 26, 2006

And it duk duk duk duk!

While trying my very best to produce some articles over a windy Saturday afternoon, I find myself getting some mental block, most likely due to those duk duk duk duk noise coming outside of my apartment. Of course, I could close my window and door to lower down those noises but that would mean I have to switch on my AC, which could be quite costly, no?

Neways, I have a look outside and actually realized that I'm actually surrounded by constructions. To my left, there's 3 constructions (those flat grounds) which made the most noise while to my right is the half completed condo/apartment. Why did i choose this place then? Well, it's near my office and it is actually a very good location (except in the night when one is hungry). furthermore, these noises had actually become my alarm clock to wake up early every day. Without these noises, it could be quite
disastrous for me though.

So the next time I'm having a mental block, just remember that I'm surrounded by these duk duk duk duk noise.


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