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Saturday, August 19, 2006

What If There is No One Coming?

Just came back from a 2 movies marathon…definitely a gread day for me. After reading the synopsis of The Lake House, I knew I’m going to love the movie. So it took me two months of waiting for the movie to come to Bangkok cinema, I’ve finally watched it and very much in love with it as well.

However, the movie did pose a very critical question to me, that at times I really do not want to think about the answer. When it comes to love or a relationship, I always told myself that I’m like to be the passive one. I’ll let fate brings it to me. Looking at the people and their relationship, I’m not sure if I’m fully ready for one and if I really want one.

In the movie, Sandra Bullok query Keanu Reeves “What if there is no one waiting?”. A very good ‘what if’. It kinda brought me back to earth, screaming the truth to me that there is really no one coming (since i'm the one waiting). Kinda hurt. Possibly because the reason for my interest in these love stories has always been my hope that there is someone out there, one day and we will go through those lovely emotions.

If that is the truth, then the truth it is I will face, just like how I recently told a client of mine to face the reality. So for those of you who prefer to continue to wait, I wish you all the luck and hopefully there is really someone there waiting/coming. For me, perhaps I’ll learn to let go that feeling, accept the situation and that there will not be anyone coming.

But one thing I do know I’m going to do. Get Jane Austen’s Persuasion and the soundtrack for the Lake House.


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