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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What's Spinning: End Aug Edition Pt 1

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
Not a true fan of Scissor Sisters but did enjoy a few of their hits like Comfortably Numb, Laura and their take on Ferdinand's Take Me Out. This si their latest single, which is very retro and disco feel (think Bee Gees). Excellent track. Unfortunately, I only have a vox mix of it, which totally eliminate the retro feel, giving it a futuristing beat..which is not bad.
hmmm..reminds me to search for their Remixed EP.

You Give Me Something
The debut single from singer-songwriter James Morrison. He looks like a mix of James Blunt and Cold Play. It was the chorus that got me hooked up to this track. If it gets play enough in those teens movie (i.e OC, OTH, Laguna Beach) or in the coming American Idol, this should be another Daniel Powter's Bad Day in the making.


It was said to be Robbie Williams best effort to date. Well, it's definitely a much better track compared to his last two albums but I still prefer the earlier Robbie (light rock & pop). This is Robbie's take on a electro-funk-pop sound...which actualy sounds like Justin's SexyBack minus the rap element. A bit hip-hop-ish. Not a bad video. While getting the single would be tough here in Bangkok, i'm just have to rely on my sources for the mixes.
By the way, if you haven't heard, the hype track She's Madonna is getting into trouble...hopefully it will still be available in the album.


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