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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ben Thomas, IRS

I didn't think I would cry as the secret was very well revealed quite early in the movie and one would've already expected the ending of Will Smith's character.

But it was the final scene when Emily (Rosario Dawson) went to meet Ezra Johnson (Woody Harrelson), that I can't help but let it all out. The scene was not really sad at all since it's two strangers (only bound by Will Smith's Ben Thomas) met for the first time. However, I somehow understand Emily's feeling at that moment and it was really really happy yet painful.

I'm not gonna say more. While this is no In Pursuit of Happiness, in fact it was not that 'gluey' for the first hour but if you do want to watch, be patient and watch till the end, not for the Secret but for that final scene.

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