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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kim Cattrall Nissan Ad

While surfing the net for advertisements as groundwork for my latest proposal, I came across the following three TVCs (I'm showing two here only) for Nissan Tiida. Why the TVCs? Well, I help conducted the model name test in Malaysia in particular because the name Tiida sounds like a negative word in Malay which means "No". Hence, the study was to check how did people would pronounce it and any potential of launching it with a different pronounciation. That was sometime in 2005 and until today, I have yet to hear it being launch in Malaysia. But this TVC was launched early this year and the latest update that I got is that it is being banned in NZ and probably Aussie for being too provocative. No thanks to Kym Catral potraying her Samantha character again. Personally, I found these TVC quite funny. Enjoy.


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