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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Movies to watch out for

The Host, is the latest hot movie coming from Korea. It was being featured in the recently Cannes Festival. And both the teaser and the trailer are on Thailand cinemas. The first poster (left), is the one of the three original teaser poster in Korea. The middle poster is the main International poster (which doesn't tell much though it's a main poster) while the third (right) is the poster used in Thailand cinema, which at least say somehting about the movie. From the trailer, all we knew is that it's a monster movie, something like a Gozzila, but smaller version. The small girl definitely had something to do with the moster but was not reveal in it. Do enjoy the trailer in the official site.

These series of teasers should be available in our cinema soon. Unfortunately, the movie will only be release next year. April 07. It's still in production and the latest info from MTV told of the major characters will be included in the movie, including the annoying Starscream. Sadly, Shockwave isn't. The current teaser trailer did not show anything at all except and perhaps the shadow of Megatron. I'd advise to wait for the next teaser instead.

Well, that's it for this week...Phew!


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