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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Comin...more

It's Comin'...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blogtails: Thunder and Wonder


Just like last year that Bangkok is actually facing a much earlier raining season. Right after the end of Songkran, we had rain almost on a daily basis. Sometimes it's drizzling, at times it's typhoon level and like this morning, it's sporadic's drizzling again as I wrote this with occasional thunder. Good ambience for sleeping I guess. The only thing is that i will need to use my dryer more to dry the clothes.

Btw, this thing greeted me yesterday morning inside the lift...luckily i'm quite alert that i did not step on it...wonder what will happen if i did.

The Kitchen Wonders

I finally bought this gravy separator, basically getting frustrated with Tesco which seems to not have much at all. Still wonder why shoppers will preferred this Hypermarket who forced shoppers to buy its own brand... as well as not having enough varieties...imagine going to Tesco around 1pm and you can find a single piece of chicken breast! Not a single piece!

So i had no choice and bought pork ribs to make my soup..but like my mom said, the soup will be very oilly. Which is where this little gadget came into the picture. And if you don't have this in your kitchen, well, it's time to go get one. The function of this container is to filter the oil from your gravy / soup. The only limitation is that it only come in one size. So if you are preparing soup for the whole family, it'll be quite troublesome.

If you look carefully, the opening of the mouth is actually at the base of the container and because oil is lighter than liquid, it will normally appear on the surface of the water. Hence, this container will pour our the soup/gravy but not the oil. Need to remind myself to get one for mom...though she will complain it's small size but definitely useful when she's cooking her ginger duck...


And The Beat Did Go On....

When Madonna decide to go hip-hop, I guess everyone is like me...thinking whether will it work? Recalling her Bedtime Stories when she decided to go a bit R&B and roped in Babyface and Nelly Hooper on board that the album actually kinda flunk although I did like that album and it had a few good tracks.

4 Minutes kinda give us some relief that she still maintain a bit of the pop in it although I had to admit that it's very Timbaland-ish...

Coming back to the album. How do or how should I say, not the Madonna I really like but being her fan for ages, I have to accept that not every of her evolution will turn out great. Especially when she decided to Neptuned and Timbalanded the whole album. Some tracks, especially the Neptune produced, can be easily recognized.

Not going to do a track by track review. I'll likely put this into the American Life category...less sucessful evolution, hahaha. A few tracks that i really like.

Give It 2 Me...good pop song. I wonder how's the Paul Oakenfold remix will sound like...

Miles Away...probably attracted by the lyrics, "we are at our best when we are miles away"..really describe what i wanted to say.

Beat Goes On...suprisingly an appealing track and also featuring Kanye West. She might probably release this as single and have a Kanye West remix to it.

If you are expecting Rihanna style or Nelly Furtado style,'s not. I'll suggest you people to go online and sample some songs before making your decision.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


心若倦了 泪也干了
曾经拥有 天荒地老
已不见你 暮暮与朝朝

这一份情 永远难了
爱一个人 如何斯守到老
怎样面对一切 我不知道



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogtails: A compilation of short entries

Do It Yourself
The concept of DIY is really supposed to be DIY. Someone bought something from a DIY shop and asked me to help out. Fortunately, I fully understand the DIY concept that I managed to work my way out. C’mon, if it’s meant to be done together by more than one person, the concept would have been called DIT and not DIY. Correct me if I’m wrong!
This is the my last night back home and I guess it will be relatively long before I plan for my next trip, or even if I did, it will be a much shorter. Basically, while homecoming is something that I can’t avoid and I should do it but it also reminds me the reason why I had wanted to leave in the first place.

A night at OldTown
Sound of a ringtone (a Korean song). I stopped my conversation with Dr. A for a moment and grab my phone. By the way, was I having a dialogue with Dr. A or we were just busy staring at our own laptop?
‘Unknown number’ stated on the screen indicated a Malaysian number. At such hour; probably a friend.
JT: Hello
S: Hi. Wanna go clubbing?
JT: No.
S: (awkward silence)
JT: I need to stay sober this week.
Dr. A stare at me as those words came out. He was probably shock by the answer knowing my regular clubbing activities..
S: Okay. Bye.
JT: Bye.
Looking at Dr A, “I was clubbing for 3 consecutive nights last weekend.”
And we return to stare at our own laptop in this Jinjang version of Starbucks, wondering why we are not able to get into the net.
Dr.A: I have about 6% left.
JT: Huh? You are downloading something?
Dr.A: No you dimwit, my battery! Why there’s no plug point around here?
JT: This ain’t Starbucks.
Dr.A: There is but those aunties have been sitting at that table for sometime now.
JT: Bring you own extension next time. It still said ‘Local Access’ only.
Dr.A: Probably too many people logging on….
JT: Let’s stick to Starbucks next time.

Whack that kid please!
Okay, this is an impromptu entry after I make a decision of deleting the story titled A night at Alexis, which focus on a Donut debate…else, I’ll get a earful from this friend of mine.
I was reading this article in the magazine provided by the plane. It’s about travelling with kids and there’s a short paragraph that said “Don’t worry what other passengers might think about your fussy/noisy child” of which I totally disagree.
Really, slap the kid! It’s bloody annoying. The noise is giving me headache and stress. And what if someone blood pressure suddenly gone up and had a stroke due to such excessive noise? Can he/she sue? So, it does matter and important that one ensure the kid is behaving properly while in the plane. A good hard slap is always a good remedy! At least I’m not recommending sleeping pills!

Pak Nasser.
Z: So did you manage to try the famous Nasi Lemak?
J: Oh yes, a bit expensive though at RM8.
Z: How was it?
J: Just average I guess. Over-rated. Why was it called Pak Nasser? Is there such a shop?
Z: No idea. Anyway, what’s wrong with it?
J: Nothing wrong, just not as good as Mdm Kwan’s Nasi Bojari.
Z: But that ain’t Nasi Lemak.
J: Well, I love the Sambal prawn. Isn’t the sambal one of the key ingredient for Nasi Lemak? Furthermore, the Rendang Chicken is not very ‘rendang-ish’. I had tasted better especially during the Ramadhan. It’s just so-so. Not very spicy, probably to accommodate the foreigners.
Z; Well, it’s better than eating cup noodles.
J: Agreed. Hey do you know they also have Roti Canai? I wonder how it will taste like? Maybe I’ll try to book for it during my next flight.
Z: It’ll probably be soggy, don’t you think. J: I just wonder it will come with dal-sambal and sugar.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Why we call the back section of our documents, APPENDIX?

Do you have any habits when travelling? Well, I had one. Not a bad one though. Whenever I’m flying, either short or long haul, I will try to buy a book to accompany me not just during the flight, but on the way to the airport (especially travelling alone and the taxi driver is listening to very boring songs or stations), the dreadful period before finally boarding the plane, then the even more dreadful period waiting for the plane to finally take off (even for the budget airplane especially when we have those irritating late passengers or so-blur-they-took-the-wrong-flight passengers. Trust me, it’d happened.
Of course, it is not always easy to get a good book that gets you to finish it within hours. Hence, I have a few books that I continue to leave it on the shelf to collect dust…yes..dust!
Well, on this trip back, I bought a non-fiction book but yet not those boring book like ‘Secret’ (I mean if it works, we will have less suicide cases, we will not have wars, married couples will stay married…) or those Management books. Fictional books had been getting boring as well. While I will continue to wait for Dan Brown’s new book, I’m not going to waste my money on those secret code, secret message, etc storyline.
Since I’m bored and tired, I ended up buying this book titled “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” which was written by a MD and some silly guy. It’s quite funny and sarcastic but provide some good entertainment that I had no choice but laugh out loud on some parts. Well, it’s not suitable for everyone but only those who enjoy some good sarcastic humor like me.
To me this book will be something I called Infomedy, informative yet provide the laughter of a comedy. Hmmm…I think I better check if has already been taken up. Could give me fortunes!
And doctors might enjoy it too since a lot of the stuff in this book is of medical terms. And for those who are not of medical line, this will definitely improve your knowledge a bit but also to just casually ignore those words but to read on.
There are lot of nonsense medical related questions asked and some are answers while some are not. Just to illustrate to you, here are a few of such questions:
1. Where does gas go when you can’t fart?
2. Why do you have to pee when you hear water dripping?
3. Will yoghurt cure yeast infection if you put it ‘inside’? (this is very funny)
4. Why can you ignite a fart?
5. Why do people seem more attractive to you when you are drunk? (this is a question I always ask myself since it always got me into trouble!)
Well, if you willing to waste your time finding the answers to such nonsense questions, I’ll encourage you to buy the book.
I’ll have to go and buy the first one “Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?”. Flying back Sunday, so need a new book to entertain me while trying to avoid listening to the air steward/dess explaining how to use the seat belt. I’m sure they are bored of doing that too!
Oh…the answer to my title question…because like the appendix in our body, we can live with or without it.
And to Christine, the appendix does not have any shit in it! Probably yours do! LOL!

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Was it me or market researcher just can’t have a proper holidays? I can’t really recall when was the last time that I really have a holiday of not doing any work at all in a stretch.
At least, today will be slightly better after sending off the preliminary stuff to PMI (hopefully for the last time after finding faults here and there). Today is the fourth day I’m back here and unlike the Chinese New Year period of which I’m almost out the whole day everyday, I’m actually quite anchored at home except yesterday. No, not resting but doing work and of course, trying my best to get use to this bloody laptop which I just bought.
My bro decided to put all the latest stuff in it, including Vista, the OS and also the quite good but also annoying Office 2007. It reminds me the first time when we were introduced to Windows XP and the Office 2003, all those new layouts, new interface, etc. Remember the scream that we had back then and how we get used to it now? Well, it will be the same here.
I slept through the whole flight back home on Tuesday since I barely took a wink that night. Upon getting out into the arrival hall, I found that there are no more budget taxis available in this budget airport. Can you believe that? A budget airport with only premium taxi? It just doesn’t match! And it cost all my available Ringgit to reach home. Luckily, there’s mom! Although being an adult, mom will always be our reliable financial provider. I shamelessly asked my mom to give me money to buy lunch since I left my ATM card back home in Bangkok.
But of course, you can’t continue ‘borrow’ money from mom…hence have no choice but to go to the nearest currency exchange booth to get my cash. And already spent tons of it on my facial cleanser and Starbucks. Starbucks is getting more expensive here.
Well, had my first outing yesterday with two ex-colleagues at Chill’s where we really bitch about almost anything including sex. And three of us was treating each other for our birthdays (we are all in the same month). And every time the Chill’s staff sang the birthday songs to other patrons, we will imagine that it’s for all three of us. How pathetic! No, we refused to acknowledge each other birthday to remind us of our age since we all have our issues to face with. One is married but been pressured to have kids…one is about to get married and still crossing her finger that she will not become the bridezilla and one is still unattached and would like to remain so but had been getting pressured including blind dates from parents………… of the 30s…
Okay, enough for this entry. Next entry, book review!
P/S…never had your mom clean up your room…she tends to make things disappear! “Mom! Where is my nail clipper that I brought back from Bangkok! No, it’s not on the table or in the cabinet”.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I was literally prepared to work late late today or was it yesterday since it is after midnight. I bought 2 bottle of Oishi Espresso to boost up my alertness. After started up my laptop, connect to the net, planning to start work, around suddenly went dark. DAMN! Not again. THis is the second time since i move here.
Decided to go to sleep but it gets really I opened up all the windows and slept on the floor in the living room enjoying the on and off cold breeze. Sadly, can't get much sleep and although it seems like hours, when the electricity came back, it's only 2am.

And since i'm quite awake...i drink up the Espresso, took a bath and work on the's 5.30am now...and i'm done. so this entry is on the following advertisement.

Yes, i can't deny that sex sell but this is for a fitness center. Are we telling people to go to the gym to have sex? Totally wrong positioning!
Thank Fitness First remain clear with its positioning.


Sunday, April 06, 2008


Have you ever found yourself missing something that you can't remember how and where it is?

Woke up this morning to find a piece of my white sock missing. That's mainly because coming home around 3am with volumes of whisky soda...that until now, i still have no idea where the bloody hell is the missing piece. My house is not that fact a small one.

I have another recipe...maybe later in the day.

Despite this morning being a grayish morning, it's still quite hot...or was it just me?

Missing missing missing......