It's Not Nag, It's Just Me

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

DHL Sucks!!!!

I never wanted to put any more entries into here but my recent experience with DHL really prompted me to write this down....and those of you who read this entry, please spread it out...hopefully the people in DHL can finally wake up and do something about it.

As I only have limited items to be shipped back to my home, I've been advised to use DHL or FedEx as it will be cheaper and more convenient. I visited DHL website and got interested in its Economy On The Road service. And since there is a DHL shop on the lobby of my building, I decided to make a visit and ask for more info on it. The only answer I got was a "We do not know anything on this. Please call the Call Centre for more information".

I did call and managed to get some info. Next, I called again to ask if I could get some boxes. And since I'm not a corporate client, I need to make a visit to the nearest DHL center to get the boxes. Now, this is not at those small DHL service point, as those shops are really for collection only (pretty useless!) At this bigger center, I thought the staff will be more knowledgeable but then again, they are just slightly better than a bimbo...

Anyway, after getting the boxes, I contacted the Call Center to make appointment for DHL to collect the box. Once they learnt that you mean business, the Call Center staff passed me to another staff (likely the one who's handling this On the Road service). This new staff after asking some similar questions asked if I'm already registed with the Custom on the new Paperless registration requirements. Then I asked how I should do it as I'd no experienced on this. The staff just sent me some forms and asked me to visit the Custom Department to get it done. After making the visit to the Custom Department, I realised something is not quite right as the documents required seems to be for traders and I'm sending personal belongings home. Hence we call DHL again, talk to the Call Center staff, then pass to the On-The-Road service staff (answering similar questions, got my name registered with DHL) and I asked if they had anyone who could assist me on this. And this is when the staff asked me to contact another staff in DHL. Again, with similar questions, I was again asked to check email for documents to fill, documents to prepare and payment of 1500 Baht cash.

This is getting a bit ridiculous. I make a call again to the third staff and re-iterate my objective of the shipment and only then he told me that I just need to fax over a copy of my passport and it's Free of charge. After getting it done, and setting the appointment for Monday 10am, I started packing and putting in every details and such.

Monday came, 10.30am still no sign of DHL, no phone calls. I called and was told there's no such appointment number/code. Then I re-told my story to the staff about the date, etc...and then she managed to track my number. Sad! And she asked if it's okay for the staff to come and pick my stuff around 3-4pm. I okayed it and asked the staff if i need to prepare any documents. She just told me that I just need to fill up the Profoma invoice and the DHL staff will hand me the Airway Bill to fill up.

4.30pm and still no sign and no phone from DHL. I made another call, usual questions and answers, and came back with "Staff will arrive in 20 minutes". The staff finally made his appearance around 5pm. After getting everything done up, the staff asked for a copy of my passport, which I had but was all packed up into the boxes. I told the staff that I did ask the Call Center on this and she never mentioned about it. He said he's from another (business center)! Since it's already after 5pm, I'm not able to find any photocopy machine and was asked to copy the details onto a piece of blank A4 and sign it. (Note: DHL already have a faxed copy of my passport)

On Wednesday morning, I got a call from DHL staff asking for a copy of my passport. I got furious, manage to trace back the name of the staff that I faxed my passport, called DHL and told them to talk to their staff on this. After learning about the name of that staff, she quickly told me that she will contact him for it without utter a single 'Sorry'.

Honestly, I have no idea what DHL is doing. The staff are not talking to one another, it seems there is no centralize system for all staff to access to get info of its customers. REALLY REALLY SUCKs. DHL have so many contact points for its customers to access and yet, the staff in most contact points are pretty useless. Wouldn't have been smoother if up front, the staff at the Call Center able to handle the queries, the appointments and including advice me to fax over the passport.

DHL YOU SUCKs and YOUR STAFF had no courtersy of even utter a simple 'SORRY'.
DHL, YOUR STUFF are bad in time management, how can you assure your customers on time delivery?
DHL, it's not me, it's YOU!