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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Change: Part 1

The path continue to solidify
Environment continue to mystify
Endless possibilities
Thinking twice
Not going to try
Changes are good?
Changes the mood?
New season arrive
But i'm not willing to try................................


Hot...that's my first thought on the first day of coming back home here in KL...not spicy hot but bloody hot. Perhaps this will be one of the longest worklidays I had since making Bkk my port call. As usual, my activities has been hunting for specific foods and being absence from home despite the trip is called 'going home'.

Here's a run down of what i've been up to so far (also to remind myself).

Friday....stay home and totally low profile...whole day. Had mom's home cook dinner.

Saturday...bfast as usual with mom and kids, went out lunch with a friend follow by retail theraphy and rushed home for mom's bday dinner, which was delayed somehow, follow by hanging out session at Alexis with another friend. Time spent at home approximately 4 hours.

Sunday...bfast, then had a hair cut, went to the gym...time spent at least 10 hours...

Monday...bfast with the kids, play games, brought the kids to KLCC to buy the promised Ben1o toys...bloody expensive!, dinner at GasOnline (crappy food, nice place, crappy food), follow by StationOne Cafe (food sucks, drink sucks, wifi!).

Tuesday...cooked Bacon&Cheese sandwiches for the kids, lunch with ex-colleagues...and now laze away at Starbucks.

Hmmm...not bad at all. At least now I know why OldTown Coffee restaurant was such a hit.

Despite teh crappy food at GasOnline, the view of almost the entire KL and the cool windy environment tend to had people forget about how bad the food was. Really! You do not wish me to make a review of the restaurant! It's not HOT!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Having here or Take Away?

I heed that the café inside the airport terminal do not have the option of using low fat, not fat or soy milk for their latte or capu. Heed! And what’s with the “having here or take away?” question? I end up asking her back if I could have it take away and she just smile and say no. Heed!

Here I am again, ranting away in the now infamous airport of Thailand. Yes, I am glad that once again I’m able to walk into it comfortably. It was just weeks ago that we experience the seizure closure of both the Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports, of which yours truly had to cancel his trip back home and couldn’t get any refund of the AirAsia ticket due to its ‘smart’ terms and conditions.

This incidence really did not set a very good example to the society at all. In fact, from a foreigner (yours truly, that is) p.o.v, the people had somehow behaving like gangsters (that is the nicest term I could think of as I’m preparing to use ‘barbarians’). Don’t get me wrong, but if you continue to read news about how people decide to besiege the stock exchange center just because they are not happy about an alcohol company planning to be listed or employees blocking the road to demand for bonus…really! What’s next?

Despite all these protests, Thailand as well as Bangkok remain quite a nice peaceful country unlike what we seen happening in Greece (or that was how CNN exaggerated it).

Almost did not make it to the airport this morning if it wasn’t for the good security guard in my building. I informed him to get me a cab around 4.15am and while watching Jimmy Kimmel Live, my eye lid started to dip, hence I decided to take a quick nap, setting the alarm on my phone for 3.30am. Somehow, it was the sound of my door alarm that finally woke me up. It’s 4.15am! Took me 15 minutes to freshen up and do all the last minute packing while leaving the laundry inside the washing machine and stuff.

Things could have been very different should Jay decided to go clubbing yesterday. We thought we would hang out till 2ish, then head home to grab the bags and straight to airport…wonder how it will turn out if we did went out.

I got connected inside the boarding gate! Airport has definitely improved! Though it’s pretty slow.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Everyone's coming out with their Ultimate...

Love this album mainly because most of my Celine's album (especially her earlier and much better albums) are in cassette format. Hence, it's worth to get this album and had quite a good selection of songs jam packed into these 2 disc album.

Reason to buy this album:

1. It has If You Asked Me To, the beautiful ballad penned by who else but Dianne Warren.

2. The live version of My Love which is much better than the album version, and this is a gem coming from the talented Linda Perry.

3. Power of the Dream. I had this track but from one of her CD single . This is the Olympic track.

4. all the important duets are here. Tell Him (with Barbra Streisand), Beauty & THe Beast, The Prayer (with Andrea Bocelli) and I'm Your Angel (with R. Kelly)

5. My Heart will Go On is here, and so is the lovely track To Love You More

6. Her rendition of the late Luther Vandross' Dance with my Father.

A definite gem, at least for me.

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The Mess and The Mess-ee

It's almost the end of the year, and as a seasonal pattern, December is also a month where many artiste release new albums...and hence, for the past few weeks, i've been spending my mullahs on quite a number of albums and that's carefully selecting albums rather than doing a sweepstakes.

For example, albums that I have yet to obtain:
Enrique Iglesias' Greatest Hits, Sugababes' Catfights & Spotlights, and i'm still debating between David Cook and David Archuleta....

Ever since having my laptop stolen two weeks ago, I'm still very much picking up pieces here and there, searching for backups whereever i can. And this Saturday was a great day since i'm literally free myself from doing any work but to clean up my house, do all the filings on all the billings, dispose any unwanted magazines, re-match CDs scattered around the house with its rightful cover box, etc. All was going pretty well, with the crappy High School Musical 3 DVD playing in the background until it went silent and the sound of the generator outside my condo began its annoying rotating sound. Yep, electricity supply was gone............................with the house messier than before.

Well, managed to complete the filing, finished all the laundry (now with heaps of clothes waiting to be ironed) and happy that I found a reason not to be tortured by Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens. Clean all the dishes and managed to clean the mug that filled with moss and stuff (hahaha) after leaving the chinese herbs there for days. Next step is to find the nearest and non-crowded Starbucks to file all the non-label CDs and managed to find some back up files.

The next step is to search for all my CDs containing the club mixes and mp3 them, then go to 7digital library and re-download the songs that i've purchased over the years.

The next few entries would likely be album reviews...
Celine Dion's 2 CDs Ultimate Love Collection (which is a gem!)
Josh Groban's 1.5 CDs Collection
Take That's Circus

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tonight the Audience Sat Still

While internationally, this movie is scheduled to be released on the 12 Dec but we, the audience in Bangkok get to see it 2 days a head, probably thanks to the 10 Dec being a holiday.

Anyway, how was it? least I knew I sat still.

Compared to other major disaster movies (Armageddon, Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow) or Alien/Monster movies (Independence Day, Cloverfield), TDTESS tend to be a bit lame or was it because of Jennifer Connelly? Never much seen her movies..and she don't really make much strong impression.

Considering that there's really no big huge movie, it's okay to give this a try. Just don't complain too much. The last scene is actually quite horrid where the Earth really stood still but the Director ignored the disaster it had and hence shown nothing about Aeroplanes falling from the sky or Submarines sinked deeper....

The most funny thing was that towards 40+ minutes into the movie (when Jennifer's Dr Benson inject a water saline into Keanu Reeve), the theatre suddenly paused. Screen went blank. Lights was on. I was wondering if a coup had happen outside or something major.

Sadly, the building was experiencing power failure........hence that moment, the audience sat still for about 10 minutes.

"If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives"

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

simple healthy meal.

Just decided to test the camera on my new phone.

That's my dinner. Boiled Baby Chinese Pok Choy for the vitamins and fiber, deboned drumsticks in dark soya sauce for the protein and last but not least, the boiled noodles dipped in the soya sauce for the carbs.

For recipe, pls ask. LOL!


Can't recall when I bought his last album 'Once Again' which was a very enjoyable album with a few really outstanding tracks. But then again, with John Legend, I felt that one should not pick any specific track but to just listen to the album as a whole. and that's what i've been doing with his latest offering, Evolver.

It's as enjoyable as his last album. And I already have a few tracks that I absolutely love. From the Morning Intro, the album launch into a few upbeat tracks that kinda motivate you. Really good to play it before going to work. Green Light was a collabration with Outkast's Andre 3000 and the result was a brilliant John Legend track with Outkast's groove to it. It's Over follow next but it's a bit normal considering this is a Pharell & Kanye composition. Not even the Teddy Riley mix (featured as one of the two bonus tracks) help much.

Like its title, Quickly, the collabration with Brandy quickly grooved up on you. The latter part of the album are slow jamz and are all nicely done. Not sure why but Can't Be My Lover, John's attempt at Ragga was not in the official track list but is being featured as the additional Bonus Track. Featuring Buju Banton, this track is quite brilliant, just like how I love his PDA on his sophomore album.

Third offering...and still nothing is wrong with it....definitely a Legend.

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The Ad

Friday, December 05, 2008

Very short entry: Pickin' Up the Pieces

3 days after the storm, we are still very much picking up the mess. And I myself was also picking up the pieces in my house this morning. Basically, this is how it is whenever I experienced a drop dead on the bed situation.

Few things would need to be find and picked. Socks. It's a wonder that the pair of socks are never found at the same place. The phone and the wallet are rarely together too.

Fortunately for me, I managed to locate all those items especially the missing piece of sock.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Igniting a Chain Effects.

Originally titled "Of Idiots, Lameducks and Egos", I decided to change it as I'm too tired to write about it anymore considering that it has been 6 days now and it's still very much a stalemate.

I just wonder, if the Egos won in this idiotic and non-sensible war, will the Egos able to heal the situation and the economy within a short time frame? I doubt so, considering the Egos had only one thing in mind throughout this war and had no strategy for the post-situation.

Idiots are purely followers and had nothing better to do but just follow what the Egos dictate. I wonder that after this ended, what will become of the Idiots. Is it worth it?

And Lameducks just continue to lose respects and confidence. Instead of bracing the challenge and stay in the heart, the leader of the lameduck had been staying away as far as possible which could indicate that the lameducks are scared of the Egos & Idiots. Funny.

Last but not least, there are also the Ignorants. Basically, they continue with their daily life as if nothing had happen and take time out to have their photos taken with all those Christmas and Year end decorations. They look way too happy that whatever that is happening now seems to be forgotten or gracefully ignored.

Too Much of No Sound....

Perhaps i've been too busy with work and updating myself with the news, that the appearance of this EP in the music store today totally surprise me.

Or perhaps it was more of a Europe release, hence it got less buzz over in the States.

Anyway, consist of the Radio Edit version plus 6 other club mixes, it's quite a good buy.

The mixes are very much normal affair with no track clearly outshines here. If any, it will have to be the Rebirth Remix and also Stuart Price's Thin White Duke Remix.

...Uncomfortable Silence Can Be So Loud

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