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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Is it Malaysia or my ex-company just underpaid employees?

There are times when you woke up, you just knew that it will be a great day ahead and I believed today is the day. Honestly, I have no idea what time is was when I first woke up, though I believed it would be around 4 or 5am considering I went to bed at 9.30pm yesterday. When I finally get out of bed, it's 7.30am, still early but at least I had nearly 10 hours of sleep, a very rare occasion. With classes over weekend, I just don't have such luxury of sleeping until noon like some of my friends in KL, though they always gave clubbing till 3 or 4am as reasons.

What I did was to finish watching this movie, which I watched halfway before turning to bed yesterday. Upon completing the movie, I received a call from my was Saturday morning. But what took place really changed my perception about my ex-company and really glad that I left. She told me that she needed to finalize all the financial issue on employees, hence she needed to confirm with me with regards to increment and bonus for my sub-ordinates. And I learnt the salary and the bonus amount was much difference from my ex-company. Which really gave me the 'underpaid' scenario again. Imagine that an SRE here is getting the salary of a Manager in my ex. The increment is actually at an acceptable level, unlike my ex-company. Together with the basic bonus (i.e 1 month), even the performance bonus was way much better than my ex-company.

But then again, can I compared directly considering I'm working here in Thailand? If it's really just the way my ex-company approach, then I will definitely advice my close friends still working there, to get out if opportunity arise. It is clearly an overwork (not just too many projects to handle but also working beyond the scope of one's current position) and underpaid. I have no regret of working there for 6 years but if given the chance, I believed I would have move out sooner. Well, I'll make sure that I'll highlight this given the opportunity to meet up with the HR person of my ex-company.

Now, I'll just have to face the fact if the 'performance bonus is only applicable for locals' is a reality. Bracing it!

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Back On Track

After weeks of hard work and no play, life has really become dull. With only the TV set and my relatively old CDs to accompany me during these exceptionally hardworking brain draining moments, it is quite a relief as I show my last slide of the 2 hours plus presentation to my client. Not just because it is the last slide but it is also our last presentation to them since they have decided to switch to another agency, an agency that’s very aggressive in terms of pricing, which have most big agencies wondered how they survive. I’m also glad that it is over because this tracking project was really tiring, not just to the researchers who did the analysis, but to the respondents as well who had to face a 90 minutes questionnaire. Perhaps the only sad thing with the cancellation of the tracking is the loss of huge revenue this year, i.e I have to work harder to fill up the big hole. Love it and hate it.

Anyway, if you are wondering what I will be brambling about for this entry, then let me inform you that there’s none. What can you expect out of a person who had been confining himself to report after report. After vomiting the fried chicken and pizza, I had to vomit tons of potato chips and follow by bottles of milk, yoghurt and tonic food drink.

And while writing this, I am suffering from mild diarrhea since yesterday. Don’t ask me what I have eaten this time cause ever since the New Year Eve incident, my stomach has been quite weak. Furthermore, eating like a pig does not really help much. And I guess gulping down a Double Cheese Burger and a can of Coke Light will definitely making it worst. Well, just blame the Suvarnabhumi airport. I don’t think the management will mind since it has been it the limelight for the past few weeks. With so much trouble brewing, what’s wrong of taking one more complaint.

Well, time is up. The so call boarding time is 2.45pm, 15 minutes more to go. Now just had to go and get my hand luggage screen and sit and wait together with bunches of strangers. Hopefully no Ah Bengs and Ah Lians. Hopefully no MCPs.

Sawadee Khrub!!!!