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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Yes, they can.

The last time I fell in love with a Pet Shop Boys album had to be their Very, which was after their successful Behavior album.
While I've became a fan by then and continuously bought their releases but I was never as satisfied with the releases except for specific tracks (Se A Vida E in Bilingual, I Get Along in Release). I also managed to skip the Nightlife album although I'm very much in love with its New York City Boy track.
In across it all, there's also the release of PopArts compilation, the Concrete live album which were quite a good collectibles.
Somewhere in 2006, they release Fundamental, which critics claimed to be their return to the disco days which I don't agree about. Perhaps the only track I like is Integral and I'm With Stupid. But then again, PSP's work by now are very much for its fans and possibly self indulgence.
Yes, the album is perhaps, I could safely say see their return to form, something that makes me fall in love with their Very album. More pop less techno, More down to earth, less alien-ish concept.
Love etc, the first track lifted of this new album is nothing new but something familiar, something of the "Can You Forgive Her?" style, which is nice and comfortable.
The next 3 tracks (All Over The World, Beautiful People and Did You See Me Coming?) are perhaps the tracks I loved the most. Beautifully arranged backed by nice orchestra-ish music.
The next few are very much album tracks with familiar synthesizers flare in it.
Thankfully, there is Pandemonium that brightens up the whole album again.
The last track Legacy is another familiar track, something one can find in Jealousy, although 6 minutes could be a bit too long for this mellow ballad.
Overall, it's a very pop album and I'm glad I bought it.

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