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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This is fattening!

Just realised that I've been stuffing myself for the past 2 days....need to hit the gym and do more. Here's what I've eaten....

It was lunch time, I was strolling myself at Central World seeking for an orange color shirt for next week but without any luck. It was 1pm and decided to search for nice lunch, and I ended up at this dimsum restaurant called "Yum Cha", which in cantonese means "Drinking Tea". The outlet is having a promotion on its dimsum buffet, from the usual 289++baht, it's now 199++baht.

And so I went it, sit down and ended up with 5 fried dimsum dishes and 8 steam dimsum dishes. Not that I ordered so much but, they brought me 3 fried dishes upfront. Then when the steam dishes are ready for distribution, they dumped 12 dishes on my table. After going through it, i end up returning 6.

The nice thing is that the staff did not give me any weird look but continue being nice and ask if I want to add anymore. So, i ended adding 2 more fried and 2 more steam. 13 dishes!!!!

Oh....but i did end up having dinner around 10pm.


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