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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful Tour indeed.

First it was this 'reunion' tour. Which tears did run down my face while watching it.

Then, the release of this amazingly great album, which showed their maturity and one of their best album to date.

And now the tour. While it was not as great as teh Ultimate Tour, but it was overall a good show with good songs well performed.

Boast a set of 17 tracks, it was quite a nice 110minutes of entertainment.

A few outstanding tracks. Relight My Fire is one of it. Although Lulu is not featured like how she was in the previous tour but they did manage to do a greatversion of it and by putting it Gnarls Barkley's Crazy in the bridge. Really cool.

Everything Changes and Could It Be Magic are two old tracks that got some new breath into it and it was really good. Take That's fan will surely be singing and swinging to it.

Having Pray as the last track was really for the fans since it was done in its original version. And it was this track that had me crying when they perform in their Ultimate Tour. But this time, I just felt nice.

In addition, the new tracks from the Beautiful World album were also nicely done here especially Jason's solo take on Wooden Boat and also Mark's Shine.

Another collection to keep. If only they had the audio version.

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