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Sunday, April 27, 2008

And The Beat Did Go On....

When Madonna decide to go hip-hop, I guess everyone is like me...thinking whether will it work? Recalling her Bedtime Stories when she decided to go a bit R&B and roped in Babyface and Nelly Hooper on board that the album actually kinda flunk although I did like that album and it had a few good tracks.

4 Minutes kinda give us some relief that she still maintain a bit of the pop in it although I had to admit that it's very Timbaland-ish...

Coming back to the album. How do or how should I say, not the Madonna I really like but being her fan for ages, I have to accept that not every of her evolution will turn out great. Especially when she decided to Neptuned and Timbalanded the whole album. Some tracks, especially the Neptune produced, can be easily recognized.

Not going to do a track by track review. I'll likely put this into the American Life category...less sucessful evolution, hahaha. A few tracks that i really like.

Give It 2 Me...good pop song. I wonder how's the Paul Oakenfold remix will sound like...

Miles Away...probably attracted by the lyrics, "we are at our best when we are miles away"..really describe what i wanted to say.

Beat Goes On...suprisingly an appealing track and also featuring Kanye West. She might probably release this as single and have a Kanye West remix to it.

If you are expecting Rihanna style or Nelly Furtado style,'s not. I'll suggest you people to go online and sample some songs before making your decision.

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