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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blogtails: Thunder and Wonder


Just like last year that Bangkok is actually facing a much earlier raining season. Right after the end of Songkran, we had rain almost on a daily basis. Sometimes it's drizzling, at times it's typhoon level and like this morning, it's sporadic's drizzling again as I wrote this with occasional thunder. Good ambience for sleeping I guess. The only thing is that i will need to use my dryer more to dry the clothes.

Btw, this thing greeted me yesterday morning inside the lift...luckily i'm quite alert that i did not step on it...wonder what will happen if i did.

The Kitchen Wonders

I finally bought this gravy separator, basically getting frustrated with Tesco which seems to not have much at all. Still wonder why shoppers will preferred this Hypermarket who forced shoppers to buy its own brand... as well as not having enough varieties...imagine going to Tesco around 1pm and you can find a single piece of chicken breast! Not a single piece!

So i had no choice and bought pork ribs to make my soup..but like my mom said, the soup will be very oilly. Which is where this little gadget came into the picture. And if you don't have this in your kitchen, well, it's time to go get one. The function of this container is to filter the oil from your gravy / soup. The only limitation is that it only come in one size. So if you are preparing soup for the whole family, it'll be quite troublesome.

If you look carefully, the opening of the mouth is actually at the base of the container and because oil is lighter than liquid, it will normally appear on the surface of the water. Hence, this container will pour our the soup/gravy but not the oil. Need to remind myself to get one for mom...though she will complain it's small size but definitely useful when she's cooking her ginger duck...



  • At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Ang said…

    Get me one as well please


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