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Friday, April 18, 2008

Why we call the back section of our documents, APPENDIX?

Do you have any habits when travelling? Well, I had one. Not a bad one though. Whenever I’m flying, either short or long haul, I will try to buy a book to accompany me not just during the flight, but on the way to the airport (especially travelling alone and the taxi driver is listening to very boring songs or stations), the dreadful period before finally boarding the plane, then the even more dreadful period waiting for the plane to finally take off (even for the budget airplane especially when we have those irritating late passengers or so-blur-they-took-the-wrong-flight passengers. Trust me, it’d happened.
Of course, it is not always easy to get a good book that gets you to finish it within hours. Hence, I have a few books that I continue to leave it on the shelf to collect dust…yes..dust!
Well, on this trip back, I bought a non-fiction book but yet not those boring book like ‘Secret’ (I mean if it works, we will have less suicide cases, we will not have wars, married couples will stay married…) or those Management books. Fictional books had been getting boring as well. While I will continue to wait for Dan Brown’s new book, I’m not going to waste my money on those secret code, secret message, etc storyline.
Since I’m bored and tired, I ended up buying this book titled “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” which was written by a MD and some silly guy. It’s quite funny and sarcastic but provide some good entertainment that I had no choice but laugh out loud on some parts. Well, it’s not suitable for everyone but only those who enjoy some good sarcastic humor like me.
To me this book will be something I called Infomedy, informative yet provide the laughter of a comedy. Hmmm…I think I better check if has already been taken up. Could give me fortunes!
And doctors might enjoy it too since a lot of the stuff in this book is of medical terms. And for those who are not of medical line, this will definitely improve your knowledge a bit but also to just casually ignore those words but to read on.
There are lot of nonsense medical related questions asked and some are answers while some are not. Just to illustrate to you, here are a few of such questions:
1. Where does gas go when you can’t fart?
2. Why do you have to pee when you hear water dripping?
3. Will yoghurt cure yeast infection if you put it ‘inside’? (this is very funny)
4. Why can you ignite a fart?
5. Why do people seem more attractive to you when you are drunk? (this is a question I always ask myself since it always got me into trouble!)
Well, if you willing to waste your time finding the answers to such nonsense questions, I’ll encourage you to buy the book.
I’ll have to go and buy the first one “Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?”. Flying back Sunday, so need a new book to entertain me while trying to avoid listening to the air steward/dess explaining how to use the seat belt. I’m sure they are bored of doing that too!
Oh…the answer to my title question…because like the appendix in our body, we can live with or without it.
And to Christine, the appendix does not have any shit in it! Probably yours do! LOL!

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