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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogtails: A compilation of short entries

Do It Yourself
The concept of DIY is really supposed to be DIY. Someone bought something from a DIY shop and asked me to help out. Fortunately, I fully understand the DIY concept that I managed to work my way out. C’mon, if it’s meant to be done together by more than one person, the concept would have been called DIT and not DIY. Correct me if I’m wrong!
This is the my last night back home and I guess it will be relatively long before I plan for my next trip, or even if I did, it will be a much shorter. Basically, while homecoming is something that I can’t avoid and I should do it but it also reminds me the reason why I had wanted to leave in the first place.

A night at OldTown
Sound of a ringtone (a Korean song). I stopped my conversation with Dr. A for a moment and grab my phone. By the way, was I having a dialogue with Dr. A or we were just busy staring at our own laptop?
‘Unknown number’ stated on the screen indicated a Malaysian number. At such hour; probably a friend.
JT: Hello
S: Hi. Wanna go clubbing?
JT: No.
S: (awkward silence)
JT: I need to stay sober this week.
Dr. A stare at me as those words came out. He was probably shock by the answer knowing my regular clubbing activities..
S: Okay. Bye.
JT: Bye.
Looking at Dr A, “I was clubbing for 3 consecutive nights last weekend.”
And we return to stare at our own laptop in this Jinjang version of Starbucks, wondering why we are not able to get into the net.
Dr.A: I have about 6% left.
JT: Huh? You are downloading something?
Dr.A: No you dimwit, my battery! Why there’s no plug point around here?
JT: This ain’t Starbucks.
Dr.A: There is but those aunties have been sitting at that table for sometime now.
JT: Bring you own extension next time. It still said ‘Local Access’ only.
Dr.A: Probably too many people logging on….
JT: Let’s stick to Starbucks next time.

Whack that kid please!
Okay, this is an impromptu entry after I make a decision of deleting the story titled A night at Alexis, which focus on a Donut debate…else, I’ll get a earful from this friend of mine.
I was reading this article in the magazine provided by the plane. It’s about travelling with kids and there’s a short paragraph that said “Don’t worry what other passengers might think about your fussy/noisy child” of which I totally disagree.
Really, slap the kid! It’s bloody annoying. The noise is giving me headache and stress. And what if someone blood pressure suddenly gone up and had a stroke due to such excessive noise? Can he/she sue? So, it does matter and important that one ensure the kid is behaving properly while in the plane. A good hard slap is always a good remedy! At least I’m not recommending sleeping pills!

Pak Nasser.
Z: So did you manage to try the famous Nasi Lemak?
J: Oh yes, a bit expensive though at RM8.
Z: How was it?
J: Just average I guess. Over-rated. Why was it called Pak Nasser? Is there such a shop?
Z: No idea. Anyway, what’s wrong with it?
J: Nothing wrong, just not as good as Mdm Kwan’s Nasi Bojari.
Z: But that ain’t Nasi Lemak.
J: Well, I love the Sambal prawn. Isn’t the sambal one of the key ingredient for Nasi Lemak? Furthermore, the Rendang Chicken is not very ‘rendang-ish’. I had tasted better especially during the Ramadhan. It’s just so-so. Not very spicy, probably to accommodate the foreigners.
Z; Well, it’s better than eating cup noodles.
J: Agreed. Hey do you know they also have Roti Canai? I wonder how it will taste like? Maybe I’ll try to book for it during my next flight.
Z: It’ll probably be soggy, don’t you think. J: I just wonder it will come with dal-sambal and sugar.



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