It's Not Nag, It's Just Me

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I was literally prepared to work late late today or was it yesterday since it is after midnight. I bought 2 bottle of Oishi Espresso to boost up my alertness. After started up my laptop, connect to the net, planning to start work, around suddenly went dark. DAMN! Not again. THis is the second time since i move here.
Decided to go to sleep but it gets really I opened up all the windows and slept on the floor in the living room enjoying the on and off cold breeze. Sadly, can't get much sleep and although it seems like hours, when the electricity came back, it's only 2am.

And since i'm quite awake...i drink up the Espresso, took a bath and work on the's 5.30am now...and i'm done. so this entry is on the following advertisement.

Yes, i can't deny that sex sell but this is for a fitness center. Are we telling people to go to the gym to have sex? Totally wrong positioning!
Thank Fitness First remain clear with its positioning.



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