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Friday, April 18, 2008


Was it me or market researcher just can’t have a proper holidays? I can’t really recall when was the last time that I really have a holiday of not doing any work at all in a stretch.
At least, today will be slightly better after sending off the preliminary stuff to PMI (hopefully for the last time after finding faults here and there). Today is the fourth day I’m back here and unlike the Chinese New Year period of which I’m almost out the whole day everyday, I’m actually quite anchored at home except yesterday. No, not resting but doing work and of course, trying my best to get use to this bloody laptop which I just bought.
My bro decided to put all the latest stuff in it, including Vista, the OS and also the quite good but also annoying Office 2007. It reminds me the first time when we were introduced to Windows XP and the Office 2003, all those new layouts, new interface, etc. Remember the scream that we had back then and how we get used to it now? Well, it will be the same here.
I slept through the whole flight back home on Tuesday since I barely took a wink that night. Upon getting out into the arrival hall, I found that there are no more budget taxis available in this budget airport. Can you believe that? A budget airport with only premium taxi? It just doesn’t match! And it cost all my available Ringgit to reach home. Luckily, there’s mom! Although being an adult, mom will always be our reliable financial provider. I shamelessly asked my mom to give me money to buy lunch since I left my ATM card back home in Bangkok.
But of course, you can’t continue ‘borrow’ money from mom…hence have no choice but to go to the nearest currency exchange booth to get my cash. And already spent tons of it on my facial cleanser and Starbucks. Starbucks is getting more expensive here.
Well, had my first outing yesterday with two ex-colleagues at Chill’s where we really bitch about almost anything including sex. And three of us was treating each other for our birthdays (we are all in the same month). And every time the Chill’s staff sang the birthday songs to other patrons, we will imagine that it’s for all three of us. How pathetic! No, we refused to acknowledge each other birthday to remind us of our age since we all have our issues to face with. One is married but been pressured to have kids…one is about to get married and still crossing her finger that she will not become the bridezilla and one is still unattached and would like to remain so but had been getting pressured including blind dates from parents………… of the 30s…
Okay, enough for this entry. Next entry, book review!
P/S…never had your mom clean up your room…she tends to make things disappear! “Mom! Where is my nail clipper that I brought back from Bangkok! No, it’s not on the table or in the cabinet”.


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