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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Definitely a mess...a beautiful mess!

Unless you are about my age or older, you might felt a bit clueless if you hear people mentioned about Swing Out Sister. Of course, that include my friend, the one we called 'You Know Who' amongst my circle of friends. hahaha.

Anyway, when one mentioned Swing Out Sister, two songs normally came to mind. The addictive 'Breakout' and the appealing "Am I The Same Girl' (which is also being used by Martha Stewart on her show Martha).

Bought their album recently, although it isn't one of their better album but it ain't bad either. Very much your afternoon tea affair. I mean what can you expect out of a jazz album, except to sit back, relax with a cup of earl grey and hot scone, on the garden...and coozy up with Swing Out Sister.

Not going to do any track by track review as this album is meant for full listen (minus the two remixes at the end). A few outstanding tracks coming from this album, the current single "Something Every Day" which really get very catchy after a few listens, "Butterfly" and the title track "Beautiful Mess".

Well, go out and buy this album if you are one who enjoy jazz music.

Oh..did i mention she kinda sound likes Lisa Stansfield? Hmmm...when is Lisa going to make a comeback?

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