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Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm Not Ashamed to say that I Bought this....

Yes, it's the comeback album from these five lads. And if you are like me at the initial just can't see yourself going to the record store and be seen holding this album, well...think twice.

This is definitely a great album, even if you hate them for destroying your teen life with those haunting songs (I'll Be Loving You Forever, Step by Step, etc), you should buy this album for the songs itself.

If you like the lead single, "Summertime", you will definitely like most of the tracks here.

Going back to yonder years where they were really kids, hence the songs they had were generally sugar pop, enticing teens in their dreams, etc...then clearly failing with their third album, the 'we wanna be street/edgy' Games album which clearly flop and then the breakup.

Anyway, let's get back to this album. It's definitely pop with a bit of hip-hop nicely laced into it. The first track "Click Click Click" would already get you up and moving to the deep soothing beats. "Single" is a much better track than "Summertime" and it also feature Ne-Yo. Glad that it is the second single lifted off this album.

There are really tons of cool tracks which include 'Dirty Dancing', with a cool piano intro then blasting with ragga beats, the surprisingly good 'Sexify My Love'. Of course the duet with New Edition on "Full Service".

Perhaps the let down have to be coming from the track featuring Pussycat doll.

But no worries, just go out, buy this album, put in your car audio and blast it.

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