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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Like they had to be cold!

after failing on my first attempt, my second attempt at cold brewing my coffee was generally successful.

so, here's the basic recipe to make your own ice coffee. you need:

Ground coffee
Filter (basic item to filter your coffee)

Put about 5 tablespoon of grounded coffee into the jar. Then pour in about 750ml of drinking water in room temperature. Leave it in room temperature for about 10 hours before putting it into the fridge for another 8-10 hours...basically, it taste better after 24hours of brewing.

For your final preparation, pour in the fresh milk (you can substitute with skim milk or soy milk) into a tall glass until it reach about a quarter of the height of the glass. Then with a filter, pour in the coffee. Add the syrup if you prefer a sweet coffee. Else, mix the milk and coffee well. If you prefer latte, add more milk. Finish it with a couple of ices. And you have a nice cold brewed ice coffee!!!



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