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Thursday, October 09, 2008

When You Can't Find The Answer...Blame the Chinese!

The recent Black October in Bangkok had raised a very simple question. What happen? Why the casualties if only defensive approach had been utilised? Police said it's home-made bomb from the protesters while the protesters claimed it's from the police.

And now we have new possibility...tear gas from China. Not suprising right? With the melanine issue still hovering the air, I guess it's okay to further leverage on it and blame everything with the Chinese. here's the excerpt taken from one of Thailand leading English daily:

Chinese tear-gas may be culprits: forensic expert
Tear-gas canisters imported from China may have caused the severe wounds to victims injured during the police dispersal of anti-government protesters on Tuesday, a veteran forensic expert said Thursday.
Former director of the Office of Police Forensic Science, Pol Lt-Colonel Amporn Jarujinda said Chinese teargas canisters generate a powerful explosive after being fired and drop to the ground before releasing the tear gas cloud. "This was why many protesters received severe injuries and died," he said. "Chinese teargas canisters are not the same as those used in developed countries such as the US."

So....if you can't find the answer, blame the Chinese!


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