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Monday, December 25, 2006

Desperate & Over

Coming back from the gym yesterday, I was overwhelm by the large crowd along the route towards my home. The Christmas decorations on these routes are really beautiful and had been there for the past 4 weeks, at least. But coming out to take pictures on Christmas eve sounds like a last minute thingy.

The walkways are fully packed with people, mostly locals (not tourist) taking photos, which somehow made the walkway difficult to walk and at times, a standstill.

I mean, these decorations had been there for weeks, and yet, people have to always have to last minute habits. I realised that this is not a Malaysian thingy but more of a South East Asian thingy. Last minute people.

And some of them can be really OVER. Really dressed up like a model just to come here to take photos. Desperate or Over?


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