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Monday, December 25, 2006

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year. NOT!

Oh yes, it's Christmas, y'all. One more week and 2006 will be dunzo!

How I celebrate Christmas Eve? Well, I ended up going to be at 11pm and waking up 8.30am this Christmas morning. I mean I did plan to go out clubbing but after dinner, I just felt too tired and sleepy to go out anymore. Well, it all started on Saturday, two days before Christmas.

After my Thai lesson, I went to the gym (not my usual outlet) to meet up with a colleague of mine. She mentioned there will be some party in the late afternoon. After finsihing my combat class at 2pm, bathed and lunched, it was 4pm and I headed back to the gym to check out the party. Somehow, the party actually only started at 5ish. So I waited forabout an hour and my colleague never return (she mentioned of coming back about 4pm), so I decided to go home.

Watched Survivor final episodes on YouTube and headed out clubbing till 3am.

Was planning to go to the gym on Sunday morning but was just too lazy. The Thai teacher came late (was supposed to start at 2pm), she only appeared at 2.40pm. After the class, went to the gym for my combat. A good one but somehow, ended up not going out for Christmas Eve.

Anyway, Merry Christmas y'all.


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