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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Excuse Me Sir, They Give You More Than Me!

Well another funny thing happen on the 2nd Day of December. With money to spend, I decided to visit the new Japanese restaurant in the Hypermarket which I visit every Saturday. After browsing the menu, I decided to go for the Tempura Seafood set which cost only 99 baht. Within minutes, the food arrived.

Suddenly, I heard this old woman sitting next to me saying something to the waitress while pointing at my food. I was thinking she's just asking for the name of my set. A minute after the waitress had left, she decided to say this to me: "Excuse me Sir, You know, they gave you a lot more than mine. I came here four to five times a month, and i normally got 4 to 5 pieces of tempura only". I was kinda i supposed to feel guilty or what? It's not my fault that the chef decided to give me a few more tempura. I think I got about 7 pieces. I continue to eat though feeling a bit uneasy.

As I almost finish my meal, she decided to speak to me again:
Old Woman: "Look at that dish over there (same dish as mine), it also got a lot".
Me: "Well, you should complain to the management then".
Old Woman: "Oh..I'm not going to do that. I'm just not coming here for one month. They want to play game with me huh".

Again, I was speechless. Just smile and continue to eat my meal. Before she left, she give me her bottle of mineral water (which was half empty).
Old Woman: "Hey, please have this. I can't finish it"
Me: "er..thanks".

Gee...what a not so guilty but yet felt so guilty lunch.


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