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Sunday, December 03, 2006

So in LOVE wiht this album

Remember earlier that I mentioned about this album here? Well, I am giving you my 100% assurance that this is a worth buying album whether it's for yourself or as a Christmas present. Here's my track by track review.
1. The Rose.
The first single lifted off this album and already earned them a no. 1 spot in UK. A great track though not as good as Bette Midler's rendition but still an excellent track.
2. Total Eclispe of The Heart.
I'm quite worried whether the boys could bring out the strength of this song as Bonnie Tyler and am glad that they did a good job, especially having Mark taking on the high notes. Totally worth a listen.
3. All Out Of Love (feat. Delta Goodrem)
Hmmm...Didn't their ex-member once dueted with Delta Goodrem. Hmmm. Anyway, my brother was so in love with this track. Though I still love Air Supply's version, but this is a good one, especially with Ms. Delta enhancing the track.
4. You Light Up My Life
I kinda like Le Ann Rime's version with her strong vocal. Fortunately, Westlife's version makes me love this song much more. Totally dig the way they cleverly use Shane and Mark's vocal.
5. Easy.
Normally, by this time, one will find the songs getting crappier by this time. But luckily not here. Simply easy listening, simply nice.
6. You Are So Beautiful To Me
Another great track but a bit expected in terms of performance and a bit short, running at 3 minutes and 7 seconds.
7. Have You Ever Been In Love
Not sure who is the original singer, hence I treat this as a new song to me. And this track really sink on me. You can really get a bit emotional with this track. Would be great to have a Piano Acoustic version.
8. Love Can Build A Bridge.
The first track that I hear Nicky's vocal. Another strong track, especially the ending chorus bit with the choir and Mark's ad lib. Love love love this track! A track I believed will also be carried well by Le Ann Rimes and Carrie Underwood.
9. The Dance
Another emotional track. Having Shane leading most of the track was a good choice while Mark's strong vocal ending it was so nice.
10. All Or Nothing.
Perhaps the weakest track in the album. Not sure why Steve Mac decided to include his own composition here. Not much different from O-Town's version. Would be much better if Steve Mac continue the acoustic guitar version instead of pumping in more instrumental in the second verse.
11. You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Weird track since it is much better to be put in their 'Allow Us To be Frank' album. Just doesn't match at all, especially Shane using his weird Frank Sinatra's voice.


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