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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Hot...that's my first thought on the first day of coming back home here in KL...not spicy hot but bloody hot. Perhaps this will be one of the longest worklidays I had since making Bkk my port call. As usual, my activities has been hunting for specific foods and being absence from home despite the trip is called 'going home'.

Here's a run down of what i've been up to so far (also to remind myself).

Friday....stay home and totally low profile...whole day. Had mom's home cook dinner.

Saturday...bfast as usual with mom and kids, went out lunch with a friend follow by retail theraphy and rushed home for mom's bday dinner, which was delayed somehow, follow by hanging out session at Alexis with another friend. Time spent at home approximately 4 hours.

Sunday...bfast, then had a hair cut, went to the gym...time spent at least 10 hours...

Monday...bfast with the kids, play games, brought the kids to KLCC to buy the promised Ben1o toys...bloody expensive!, dinner at GasOnline (crappy food, nice place, crappy food), follow by StationOne Cafe (food sucks, drink sucks, wifi!).

Tuesday...cooked Bacon&Cheese sandwiches for the kids, lunch with ex-colleagues...and now laze away at Starbucks.

Hmmm...not bad at all. At least now I know why OldTown Coffee restaurant was such a hit.

Despite teh crappy food at GasOnline, the view of almost the entire KL and the cool windy environment tend to had people forget about how bad the food was. Really! You do not wish me to make a review of the restaurant! It's not HOT!



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