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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Everyone's coming out with their Ultimate...

Love this album mainly because most of my Celine's album (especially her earlier and much better albums) are in cassette format. Hence, it's worth to get this album and had quite a good selection of songs jam packed into these 2 disc album.

Reason to buy this album:

1. It has If You Asked Me To, the beautiful ballad penned by who else but Dianne Warren.

2. The live version of My Love which is much better than the album version, and this is a gem coming from the talented Linda Perry.

3. Power of the Dream. I had this track but from one of her CD single . This is the Olympic track.

4. all the important duets are here. Tell Him (with Barbra Streisand), Beauty & THe Beast, The Prayer (with Andrea Bocelli) and I'm Your Angel (with R. Kelly)

5. My Heart will Go On is here, and so is the lovely track To Love You More

6. Her rendition of the late Luther Vandross' Dance with my Father.

A definite gem, at least for me.

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