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Friday, December 26, 2008

Having here or Take Away?

I heed that the café inside the airport terminal do not have the option of using low fat, not fat or soy milk for their latte or capu. Heed! And what’s with the “having here or take away?” question? I end up asking her back if I could have it take away and she just smile and say no. Heed!

Here I am again, ranting away in the now infamous airport of Thailand. Yes, I am glad that once again I’m able to walk into it comfortably. It was just weeks ago that we experience the seizure closure of both the Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports, of which yours truly had to cancel his trip back home and couldn’t get any refund of the AirAsia ticket due to its ‘smart’ terms and conditions.

This incidence really did not set a very good example to the society at all. In fact, from a foreigner (yours truly, that is) p.o.v, the people had somehow behaving like gangsters (that is the nicest term I could think of as I’m preparing to use ‘barbarians’). Don’t get me wrong, but if you continue to read news about how people decide to besiege the stock exchange center just because they are not happy about an alcohol company planning to be listed or employees blocking the road to demand for bonus…really! What’s next?

Despite all these protests, Thailand as well as Bangkok remain quite a nice peaceful country unlike what we seen happening in Greece (or that was how CNN exaggerated it).

Almost did not make it to the airport this morning if it wasn’t for the good security guard in my building. I informed him to get me a cab around 4.15am and while watching Jimmy Kimmel Live, my eye lid started to dip, hence I decided to take a quick nap, setting the alarm on my phone for 3.30am. Somehow, it was the sound of my door alarm that finally woke me up. It’s 4.15am! Took me 15 minutes to freshen up and do all the last minute packing while leaving the laundry inside the washing machine and stuff.

Things could have been very different should Jay decided to go clubbing yesterday. We thought we would hang out till 2ish, then head home to grab the bags and straight to airport…wonder how it will turn out if we did went out.

I got connected inside the boarding gate! Airport has definitely improved! Though it’s pretty slow.



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