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Monday, December 01, 2008

Igniting a Chain Effects.

Originally titled "Of Idiots, Lameducks and Egos", I decided to change it as I'm too tired to write about it anymore considering that it has been 6 days now and it's still very much a stalemate.

I just wonder, if the Egos won in this idiotic and non-sensible war, will the Egos able to heal the situation and the economy within a short time frame? I doubt so, considering the Egos had only one thing in mind throughout this war and had no strategy for the post-situation.

Idiots are purely followers and had nothing better to do but just follow what the Egos dictate. I wonder that after this ended, what will become of the Idiots. Is it worth it?

And Lameducks just continue to lose respects and confidence. Instead of bracing the challenge and stay in the heart, the leader of the lameduck had been staying away as far as possible which could indicate that the lameducks are scared of the Egos & Idiots. Funny.

Last but not least, there are also the Ignorants. Basically, they continue with their daily life as if nothing had happen and take time out to have their photos taken with all those Christmas and Year end decorations. They look way too happy that whatever that is happening now seems to be forgotten or gracefully ignored.


  • At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Ang said…

    I understand from the news that only 80+ Malaysians are left in Thailand, and you are one of them! How can that be? I mean, how accurate their number is? Unbelievable!


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