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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Making People Happy Through Food

Yes, that is the tagline of the restaurant that I just had lunch in. Mountain Ocean Sun or better known as MOS. Finally making its entrance into Bangkok, MOS Burger is currently creating some buzz with long queue noted outside the restaurant. The long queue was due to the fact that it's like a fast food restaurant where one has to order and paid first. In addition, with only two counters, this will easily create a long queue. But a good strategy considering this will raise people's interest to visit the shop. Just like when Roti Boy first started.

A quick glance seems to indicate that around 25% of its patrons were Japanese. Not a suprise since MOS Burger is a Japanese restaurant (as one it describe, Fine Burger and Coffee) and it is located in Central World (of which Isetan is), easily catering for the Japanese tourist, expats and families.

So, here's my experience. I reached the shop at 12.30pm. The queue was about 15 minutes. During the queue, I was quite worried that there will not be any seats/tables available since quite a number of customers are still waiting for their order to arrive. Fortunately there are also people leaving.

I decide to sit at the back of the restaurant (which is kinda like outside of the shop). Even though this is a new shop, I'm annoyed by the fact that the table was not in a very good condition at all. It's like the table was not in a flat ground, easily sway in all N.E.S.W direction. I'm sure the staff are aware of the condition and yet they took no effort to stabilize it.

After waiting for 10 minutes, my glass of Coke arrived. And after another 10 minutes, my burger and fries arrived. Since this is a made-to-order concept, a 20 minutes wait is consider to be acceptable. Though a 10 minutes wait for the glass of soft drink is not. The fries is quite good, large pieces (unlike McD's tiny thin strips), reminds me of Nando's; and lightly salted (unlike McD's we-are-very-generous-with-our-sodium's). The burger was also quite tasty. Mustard was applied to the bun. Instead of the boring Mayo found in most burgers, MOS burger provide a unique tomato-onion paste. And the piece of thick fresh tomato was just excellent.

Generally, quite worth it for a price of 119 baht. Some quick recap:
Food: Great.
Service: Good except for that 10 minutes to prepare a glass of Coke.
: Okay but not consistent. Please ensure all your tables are in good condition.

If you came alone, make sure you have some reading materials with you such as a book, magazine or newspapers. If you are on a rush, please visit McD which is located somewhere in the building or Toast Box, just a few steps away. Or perphaps try to visit during non-peak hours (i.e 3 or 4pm).

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