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Friday, April 06, 2007

Rojak Part 4. Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant!

For this entry, I would like to make very short reviews on some restaurants.

The Societe in Lot 10. My god…by 8+ you already begin to stop customers from coming to your restaurant. Excellent! I hope your business continue to rot!

The Seed Café in Sg. Wang. It’s actually my second time to Seed Café. The first was years ago in One U. Not a bad place to be. Staff were very friendly and patience with our exotic personalities and request.

Food wise, just okay. Generally I expect more variety and exotic menu but instead just the normal pasta, sandwiches and local food. The prawn mee was somehow too spicy, which killed the sweet taste of the soup. The pasta was nice but could have been better if you were to offer more choices of pasta instead of just the normal. For example, have spinach fettuccini or the squid ink fettuccini. That would create the differentiation.

The fried calamari was nice and came with quite a healthy portion. Would have been better if you could offer larger portion of the condiment.

Marché in The Curve. Unless someone is to treat me, don’t expect me of returning. Besides the extraordinary pricing, there is really not much variety to look for. And easily ‘out-of-stock’ too. RM8.50 for a glass of orange juice was really too much. I do not mind paying RM5.00 but not to such extend.
Again, pasta was just so-so. Need more varieties in both the pasta and the sauce. Popular stations should be properly manned and ensure sufficient staff too. Don’t really understand why they are so many people willing to pay so much for such average stuff. I rather pay double for either a Japanese buffet or dinner buffet in Shangri-La or Westin.


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