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Friday, April 06, 2007

Rojakz Part 1: BK Sad Fish!

It was roughly about 4 weeks ago when I was in a Burger King restaurant writing up my previous entry and here I am again in another Burger King restaurant. The difference is that this is in another city. The difference? Not very laptop friendly. While Malaysia continue to shout about wanted to improve it’s internet penetration and having a knowledge society blah blah blah…yet it was really all words and no action.

Firstly, within the KLIA area, it is not easy to find a place where you can find a plug point for the laptop, don’t even mentioned about finding a HOT SPOT. In the international departure lounge, Samsung did provide four internet readied access points, however, it was so freaking slow that I wonder was it on a dial-up.

Then on my way to Burger King here, there was this banner about free wi-fi in KLIA and yet my pc said there are not available network. And in the Burger King Bangkok airport, there is this area specifically for us lap-toppers where plug points are aplenty. What I could gather at this moment is that Malaysia is just shouting, hoping to improve tourist perception about the country. It will be much difficult with us, the residences.

Again, those print media or people in the ministry upon reading this will accused me of lying, unemployed and probably a female. I would really like to invite them to come into Burger King here in the KLIA international lobby and really experience it rather than hearing from the sub-ordinates who would have received information filtered through multiple-layers (i.e from the sub-sub-sub-sub-ordinates).

Well, I need to get to my gate. Boarding time soon. And to the Burger King employees, this is the saddest fish burger I’ve eaten. Yes, your BK Big Fish do have a sesame seeded bun, yet the fish was thin, burnt and over a few small lettuce. REALLY REALLY sad. Which is why, your outlet is emptied! My advise to you is to get out to the main ticketing area and learn from your rival, my favorite fast food restaurant, the one with the golden arches!!!!!

Bangkok, here I am again!


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