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Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Heavy Watch.

This is my fifth movie during this long holiday and perhaps one of the better and down-to-earth movie. With Jennifer Aniston being one of the lead, I kinda expect a dramedy (something like The Family Stone) but turns out to be a heavy drama, with a very believable and true storyline.

All four actresses, including Aniston really did a good job. Initally I thought the whole story will be revolving around Aniston but it turns out to be four short stories link to one another through these four best friends.

You may said that this is another chick flick but perhaps you MCPs out there could watch this movie and possibly understand the stuff your wives are going through.

Just a quick spoiler to let you decide should you go out and rent this movie for a Sunday afternoon date...Aniston is a housecleaner, while the other three character are well-off. However, each of them have their own problems, mostly marital problems and the way they decide to deal (or not deal with it). There's one who regularly shrugh off disagreement to avoid argument, there's one who constantly argue, there's one who's just angry and frustrated with life and not because the husband sounds gay and there's one who can't let go a two months relationship with a married guy.

If you asked me, it's definitely worth the watch after all the violence coming from Saw III and Pan's Labyrinth.

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